Here more emails that SOC believe prove a conspiracy:

From: Studer, Quint (]

Sent: Thursday, January 06, 20052:54 PM

To:; jackfetterman@navy-air_org

Subject: FW: Meeting with City finance representatives


Sent: Thursday, January 06,2005 12:18 PM

To: Studer, Quint

Cc: Mike Thiessen (E-mail); Mort O'Sullivan; Ellis Bullock; H. Miller Caldwell

Subject: Meeting with City finance representatives


Quint –

Mike, Mort and I had a good conference call this morning with Dick Barker, City Finance director, John Fleming, Asst City Attorney, Mitch Owens, investment banker/financial advisor, David Cardwell, special counsel to the CIty and author of Its CRA plan, and Pat Lott, bond counsel for the City .


David Cardwell confirmed that the CRA plan can be amended in a manner that would enable a bond issue supported by CRA funds to extend over 30 years. We are not confined to the 2014 date.


Mitch Owens, the investment banker, said the Pensacola CRA is a marketable name and could get an appropriate rating for sale of bonds. Dick Barker said there would probably have to be a back up guarantee, which could probably by provided by the communication services tax -one that would not cause political controversy.


We discussed possible County participation with the bed tax, and the County's desire to participate in TIF revenues in the future. We said the basic question was whether the City thought if could finance 29 or 40M from CRA revenues. Tom Bonfield joined the call late, and said in response to that question that they just didn't know at this point but were willing to start work on this right away to see what options are available for City financing.


This is a brief summary of a call that lasted over an hour, and with generally positive conversation about how we might accomplish our objective. Would someone please forward this to Jack Fetterman and John Cavanaugh? Jack's email address bounced, and I didn't have John's readily available.



Bob ,.

Robert D. Hart, Jr.

Clark, Partington, Hart, Larry , Bond & Stackhouse

125 West Romana Street, Suite 800






From: .Studer, Quint []

Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 20056:23 PM



Subject: Re: Historic day


I talked to wyche. I don't think there is a proposal. If there is he want to combine withus.

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Original Message From: H. Miller Caldwell <>To: 'Ellis Bullock' <>; <jackfetterman@naval->; 'Mort O'Sullivan' <>; Studer, Quint<Quint@studergroup.corn> ; <>; 'Miller Caldwell' <>; 'Mike Thiessen' <>; <>Sent: Tue Jan 1818:02:502005Subject:


RE: Historic day


Ditto! I would also look carefully at the Wyche proposal. I find it interesting that'i'Oliver Darden did not tell Mort about his project. It sure seemed to me that the Wyche group had talked to at least two of the council members.


Original Message From: Ellis Bullock []

Sent: Tuesday, ,January 18, 20055:24 PM

To:; Mort o'Sullivan; Quint ";; Miller Caldwell; Mike Thiessen;


Subject: Historic day


As Mayor Fogg pointed out and I agree… in the 15 + years I have worked with the City of Pensacola I have never witnessed anything like I did this afternoon…Each of you did an outstanding job. I believe you left all council members and staff in a state of shock, each not sure what to make of the matter because they've never experienced anything like it. The hard work is ahead of us but as long as we keep the pressure on and stay out in front of the matter the only choice they have is to do project and do so in a timely manner.


It's most important that we continue to populate Council meetings with supporters…Fairchild and Donovan will strike back…but I believe we have I defused their support base and as time passes they will find themselves in a lonely position.


Again, Outstanding Job today. We are honored to be a part of the team and look forward to the weeks ahead.



Ellis W. Bullock, III

E. W. Bullock Associates

730 Bayfront Parkway, Suite S




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From: Robert Hart []

Sent: Friday, January 21, 2005 4:30 PM

To: Studer, Quint;;; jackfetterman@navy-;;;;

Cc: Garner, Shaner

Subject: RE: Multi-Use Community Maritime Park


I had a good discussion this afternoon with David Cardwell, the attorney who drafted the  CRA plan for the City. I think he is going to be retained by the City -at least that's the indication he's gotten at this point. Whether he is retained by our team or the City is good news for us. He is a very creative guy and I think can help the City get comfortable with paying its share. He has three specialties -elections, CRA districts, and athletic facilities. He called me from Arizona, where he was giving a speech on the public financing of athletic facilities. We reviewed the ability to amend the plan for new 30 year bonds. He is confident we can do that. On the issue of a County challenge, we discussed an interesting case. It i& the case of Kelson (sound familiar?) and others of the Escambia Board of County Commissioners against the City of Pensacola, challenging tne ability of the City to take County ad valorem tax revenues (the TIF) and use them in the CRA district. The trial court ruled against the County, and on appeal the appellate court affirmed. The appellate court said, in so many words, that the CRA is also part of the County, and the use of the ad valorem revenues for the CRA purposes was constitutionally valid. David Cardwell was special counsel to the City in this litigation.Based on my conversation with David, I think he believes the City can do its part of the financing of this project out of CRA revenues,- but that is not for publication. Quint, John and Jack, our efforts here are to work with these City advisors in a way that they get comfortable recommending financing from CRA revenues. If that occurs, we never have to cross the "County" bridge when it comes to this project.

Mike -I told David you and I would call him again next week and we'll get Mort in the loop if we can. Onward and upward -Bob


Original Message From: Studer, Quint []

Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 20055:55 PM

To:;;; RobertHart;;;; "


Cc: Garner, Shaner


subject: Re: Multi-Use community Maritime Park


Did not say not talk to but we need to be careful about eating up time and create a fair system for all.




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From: Studer, Quint []

Sent: Friday, January 21, 20054:06 PM

To:;; jackfetterman@navy-air.arg;rhart@cphlaw .cam;; Studer, Quint;;; jcavanaugh@uwf .edu; Gamer. Shaner


Subject: Ray


I just spoke with ray gindroz he will come in and facilitate some community input~ meetings. He understands what needs to be on land. The majority of people I hear from feel1 he is suited for this. Some will have problems with ray they would have had problems with any one.

Sent from BlackBerry Wireless Handheld (www.BlackBerry.netJ


Re: Upward and onward

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From: Raad Cawthan []

Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 20052:11 PM

To: Dr. John Cavanaugh


Subject: Re: Upward and onward.


No questions. I believe one of the things we got from Council last night was their tacit approval for our designing and administering of the public input process. One of the things that must be assured is that the needs of the principals -Studer, museum, UWF -are met.


Within those parameters their is room for public flexibility. By the way, that was as good a presentation as I have ever seen given to Council and I've seen quite a few. I honestly believe a scenario has been created where the chances of this project succeeding have risen astronomically.You did a terrific job. –


From: "Dr. John Cavanaugh"

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 13:40:12 –0600

To: "'H. Miller Caldwell"' <>, "'Studer, Quint'"<QWnt@studergroup .com> , <raad@ewbullock. corn> , <j ackfetterman@naval-air .org> , <ewb@e:wbullock.corn> , <>Cc: "'G~er, Shaner"' <Shaner>


Subject: RE: Upward and onward


I agree with Miller’s points. We need to ensure that Ray is thoroughly conversant with our basic requirements.


From there he can do a great Job.


John Cavanaugh


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