Here are the scans of the actual emails that SOC believes prove a conspiracy:

From: Mike Thiessen []

Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2004 11 :25 AM

To: Tom Bonfield;

Cc: Kevin Cowper


Subject: RE: Follow up to EPA Meeting




Quint is trying to get with Ray  on Nov. 9th.

The challenges don't scare me if you think it is worth everyone's effort.


Mike Thiessen

The Madison Group, Ltd.


708.784.1468 facsimile


Original Message. On Tue, 2 Nov 200414:13:56 -0600 "Tom Bonfield"

<> wrote:

Both are certainly options and each will also have their own set ofunique challenges.

Regardless of where the American Creosote project goes I still would hope that Quint can touch base with Ray Gindroz at least my phone.


Original Message >From: Mike Thiessen []

Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 20041:58 PM

TO: Tom Bonfield; mcaldwel12@caldwell-assoc. com

Cc: Kevin Cowper

Subject: RE: Follow up to EPA Meeting

Importance: High


Do you have any suggestions on alternative sites? Is it worth floating

the Trillium site along with the Maritime Museum and a Conf. Center?

Push this project and the vision as part of the re-emergence of>Pensacola.

I continue to be concerned with the amount of time these EPA sites will require.

We always can go to the Escambia Treatment site.


Mike Thiessen

The Madison Group, Ltd.

708 .784.1467


Original Message >From: Tom Bonfield []

Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 20041:09 PM>

To:; Mike Thiessen

Cc: Kevin Cowper

Subject: Follow up to EPA Meeting


Miller and Mike:

Miller can confirm his impression but I came away from yesterday's

meeting with EPA more discouraged that something can work out any time

soon on the American Creosote site. The Corps of Engineers has more

testing to get a better handle on the amount of contaminated material

to be moved and stored on site which they estimate may take 3-4 months.


I am doubtful that we are going to have many answers even by then. It

may be time to consider moving on to alternate sites. Let me know if

when we can discuss further.




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