Bsoc signUPDATE: Last minute panel change of participants for tonight’s
Maritime Park program

[Pensacola, FL August 31, 2006 1:15 pm CST] The participants in
tonight’s scheduled ‘live’ broadcast of a question and answer
forum with representatives from the Friends of the Waterfront Park and
the Save Our City groups has been changed.

Due to a family emergency, Charles Fairchild will not be appearing on
tonight’s program as previously scheduled. Instead, Tommy White will
join Marty Donovan to represent Save Our City, a group of citizens that
opposes the current community maritime park project.

Park proponents, Mort O’Sullivan and Quint Studer will represent the
Friends of the Waterfront Park group.

WSRE-TV’s live broadcast of this special one-hour broadcast of
Connecting the Community will air tonight, Thursday, August 31 at 7 p.m.
The broadcast will feature a question and answer forum from both sides
of the controversy taking questions from a panel of local journalists.

WSRE moderator Robin Woods will host the panel of journalists that will
ask fair and balanced, yet challenging questions to both sides. The
panel of journalist include: Carlton Proctor, Pensacola News Journal;
Duwayne Escobedo, Independent News; Dave Dunwoody, WUWF-FM Public Radio
and Dan Thomas, WEAR-TV.

The televised discussion will offer a final, comprehensive look at the
option of building a multi-use community park on Pensacola’s downtown
bay front, just days before city voters decide to approve or reject the
park development.

Pensacola residents will vote September 5 to support or strike down a
city council vote to create a maritime park located on a controversial
30 acre parcel of bay front property owned by the city.