The Apology Song

March 11, 2007

The Apology Song


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Just another look at good and evil
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September 16, 2006

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From IN Editor Duwayne Escobedo:

lensThe numbers are in from the Escambia County Supervisor of Elections office. What does the analysis tell us for the under-40 age group?

Within the Pensacola city limits 1 of about every 5 voters was under 40-years-old. A total of 3,416 in the age group made it to the polls during the crucial primary that included the Community Maritime Park referendum out of the 17,500 city residents who voted overall. The turnout for the under-40 crowd was 26 percent. Total voter turnout for the city was 46.6 percent.

In Escambia County, 9,842 of 40-year-olds and younger cast ballots. Turnout for the age group was 13.9 percent and they made up 17.7 percent of the total votes (55,762) in the Sept. 5 primary. Overall voter turnout for Escambia County was 29.8 percent.

This is a good start and better than past turnouts. Look for young voters to make an even bigger impact at the polls in coming elections.

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Hot, Hot, Hot – 9/14/06

September 15, 2006

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IN cover creates stir

September 14, 2006

The INMA issue cover (Sept. 14) is creating a controversy. A few distribution sites have asked for it to be picked up. Others want even more copies. The rack outside our office has been restocked twice today. Thank goodness, we didn’t wrap him in a flag.
in cover

ECSO Love Boat sunk

September 14, 2006

love boatRumor: The Escambia Co. Sheriff Office has scuttled its marine patrol. It’s two boats are in the fenced lot next to office buildings. The boats cost about $35,000 each.

Why have these once heralded parts of Sheriff Ron McNesby crime-fighting arsenal been put out of commission?

Poor maintenance. One boat hadn’t been taken out of the water for weeks. It’s engine prop and bottom are covered wiht barnacles. It blew its engine because they forget to put oil in it.

Rather than have to show repair bills that reveal how poorly the boats were maintained, the ESCO has halted the marine patrol program.

Grumpy Here is the PDF of the injunction against County Administrator George Touart and the Esc. Co. Commissioners on their attempt to create a finance dept.

Court Order


For Immediate Release, September 14, 2006 Contact: Mark Bubriski, 305.766.3765


Florida Democrats Laud the Choice of Senator & Colonel Jones for LG

FORT LAUDERDALE – Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman issued the following statement today following the announcement by Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Jim Davis that he had chosen State Sen. Col. Daryl Jones as his running mate:

“This is a momentous day for Florida. Daryl Jones is the first Black nominee for Lt. Governor in the history of this state.

“This choice reflects Jim Davis’ willingness to break with the status quo that’s had a grip on Tallahassee for some time now.

“I served with Daryl Jones in the State Senate, and he proved himself to be a formidable and conscientious legislator.

“Like Jim Davis, Daryl Jones is an independent leader and an accomplished public servant. He’ll make Florida proud as Lt. Governor.

“Whether it’s overcrowding at your local school or an insurance bill that tripled in a year’s time, Jim Davis and Daryl Jones understand the problems facing Floridians.

“The Davis-Jones ticket puts Floridians first. Nobody will fight harder for the working families of Florida.”

Senator Daryl Jones was an active duty jet fighter pilot, Mission Commander and Flight Leader in the United States Air Force. Since then, Jones has attained the rank of Colonel in the Air Force Reserve flying the high-powered F-16 fighter.

He was elected to the Florida House in 1990. Two years later, he was elected to the Florida Senate, where he served as Democratic Senate President Designate, Chair or Vice-Chair of six different committees, and Chair of the Florida Conference of Black State Legislators.

Today, Davis and Jones will travel to Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando and Tampa to talk about improving Florida’s public schools, addressing skyrocketing property insurance rates, managing our growth and strengthening the state’s economy.

Tomorrow, they will make stops in Tallahassee, Jacksonville before finishing in Miami at an event with former US Senator John Edwards.

### Paid for and authorized by the Florida Democratic Party, {}.

New Blog Design coming

September 14, 2006

Rick's Blog Rick’s Blog is being upgraded this weekend. We’re finalizing the design and should have it up by Monday, Sept. 18.

One feature will be ads – not intrusive, but effective for the advertisers. It would be great to keep the blog ad free, but we’ve got mouths to feed and bill collectors to satisfy.

If you’re interested in advertising, email me – The introductory rates are competitive and you’ll get six weeks for the price of four. No AARP discounts or VAL PAK coupons accepted.