Hot, Hot, Hot – 8/2/06

August 2, 2006

Rick's BlogAnother record. Most visitors to date. Top 25 blogs worldwide


  1. Sorry, Todd – You are a monkey’s uncle
  2. Dammit, why cant we be first in something
  3. Walmart and Healthcare
  4. Charlie just doesn’t get it
  5. Bye, Bye Raymond
  6. Oh, My God, Part II – Check out Tom Wells
  7. Private schools are not that great
  8. Healthcare for some, Part 2
  9. Who makes what?
  10. Letter from Parents of Lisa Dickson

Hot, Hot, Hot – 8/1/06

August 1, 2006

Rick's Blog We moved into Top 30 Blogs. Today’s most viewed posts:

  1. Dammit, why can’t we be first in something
  2. Steve K corrects Outtakes column
  3. Walmart and Healthcare
  4. High paying job opens up
  5. SOC secret weapon unleashed
  6. WD Childers campaign card – the backside
  7. Oh, My God, Part II – Check out Tom Wells
  8. WCOA Blog down
  10. IN thoughts on WD Childers going to jail ; Democratic Chair goes after me; PYP Political Forum Update

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Tom Wells

Tom Wells is a write-in candidate for Escambia County Commission District 4 race. His Republican opponents are incumbent Tom Banjanin and Grover Robinson IV – plus unaffiliated Andy Kowalski.

You have to check out Wells’ website

How can he lose?