realdeal.jpgFormer Pensacola Congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough was the keynote speaker at the opening Saturday session. Scarborough predicted that the Democrats will be swept back into power in the House of Representatives in November – just as the Republicans were in 1994. Polls say 1 out of 3 Republicans want the Democrats to take back Congress.

1994 – GOP took control by beating moderate Dem. This year Democrats will beat the moderate Republicans – who the White House will do little to help.

His only caveat was that if any one can screw up a party and sure victory – it’s Howard Dean


GOPtouted the successes of Gov. Jeb Bush. State has AAA bond rating which will save $100 million in interest payments over 10 years. Graduation rates for minorities have improved..

He has questioned heavily on his change in stances: from pro-choice to pro-life; anti-school vouchers to pro-vouchers. Gallaher reply was his wife and the birth of his son change his opinion on abortion. The granting of vouchers to parents in Escambia County changed his opinion on the vouchers.

Wants to create a commercial insurance version for Citizens Property Insurance to help small businesses.

Must amend class size amendment to make it more flexible. Against doubling homestead exemption. Like portability of property taxes withing the county.

Answer criticism of the Ethics commission finding probable cause on this stock dealings. Called them “technical violations”. Found no preferential treatment. Politically motivated.

GOPGOP US Senate candidate (and Congressman) Katherine Harris participated in a political forum here yesterday. Big talking points: gas prices, illegal immigrants, traditional values (of course) and war on terrorism.

Very combative with the St. Pete Times reporter who asked the questions.

Choice quotes: Staff turnover was due to they didn’t “have integrity, character or share my values.”

Bill Nelson (Democrat incumbent) is more liberal than Sen . Hillary Clinton.

Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be granted amnesty. “Citizenship isn’t an emergency or an urgency.”

On Iraq War: “We can’t cut and run.” “Trying to give a date certain for withdrawl is silly.” And threw in the factoid that she was born in a military hospital…somehow.

“I’m not a lockstep Republican.”  Opposes Pres. Bush’s cuts on Block grants and other housing programs.

Believes she acted with integrity in the 2000 presidential election (when she certified Bush victory). “I followed the letter of the law.”

GOPGOP gubernatorial candidate and the state’s chief financial officer Tom Gallagher has agreed to be interviewed by the Independent News. This will be fun!

busTwo new academies are being launched this new school year at the Escambia County School District. The Aerospace Academy at West Florida High School of Advanced Technology (a recipient of the new “WIRED” grant initiative) will provide students an opportunity to experience “professional pilot track” education which could lead students to sit for the FAA Private Pilots Knowledge Exam.

At Washington High School, students will be able to enroll in the E-Commerce Academy which will hone skills in E-Commerce Marketing and Electronic Business Technology education, to prepare students for opportunities as E-Commerce entrepreneur and E-commerce web designer. This will include industry certifications. Contact Carl Leiterman at the Department of Career, Technical and Adult Education or Natalie Prim at the Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.

RO: We’ve heard the McCain-Crist love fest will be coming to Pensacola soon for a private party at the Barkley House.

McCain backs Crist in governor’s race

By STEVE BOUSQUET, St. Petersburg Times Staff Writer
Published August 8, 2006

TALLAHASSEE – Charlie Crist’s campaign for governor has won the endorsement of Arizona Sen. John McCain, who will campaign for Crist in four cities next week, including areas with many veterans.Crist called McCain’s support enormously helpful. McCain called Crist a reformer who’s right on the issues.

McCain is a decorated Vietnam War veteran and former prisoner of war and a likely 2008 Republican presidential candidate. Florida’s 27 electoral votes are a highly sought-after prize in any White House run, and McCain’s reward for endorsing Crist would likely include Crist’s support and fundraising help if Crist becomes governor.

“I admire his independence, I admire his forthrightness,” McCain said in a telephone interview. “I also think it’s important that he’ll carry on in Jeb’s tradition.”

There has been media speculation that if McCain runs for president in 2008, he would consider Gov. Jeb Bush as a running mate.

McCain, who lived in Orange Park near Jacksonville after his release from a Vietnam POW camp, has stepped up his Florida visits in recent months. He and Crist met recently at a Lincoln Day dinner in Polk County and at a McCain event in Miami.

“I offered to support him some months ago. I think it was an easy call then,” McCain said.

Hot, Hot, Hot – 8/4/06

August 5, 2006

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EyeMichael Speed is running for Santa Rosa Co. School Board against incumbent Ed Gray, III.

We reviewed his campaign report – still aren’t sure who’s backing him? Michael R. Speed.

Speed loaned $1250 to his campaign. His sister Anna Ratliff (SR principal) and her husband Steve (Asst. SR Superintendent) gave $250 each. Speed’s son Jared and his wife (a SR teacher) also gave $250 each. It’s convenient that they each had $250 sitting around for this campaign.

Why is Steve Ratliff trying to unseat an incumbent? What did Gray do to him?

Also we checked with Holley Dirt & Bayside Development (see Who is running Michael Speed?), Speed paid off the judgement plus interest, right before he filed. Where did he get the money to do that?

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August 3, 2006

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MartiniGary Bergosh and his wife were there. Handing our freshly printed campaign material for his Circuit Judge campaign. Todd McWaters – area point man for the Rod Smith for Governer Campaign – stopped by to talk about Smith’s latest endorsements for the Florida Sheriff’s Association and the black community; and about Smith being in Crestview and Chipley this weekend. DeeDee Ritchie, Smith’s Esc. Co. campaign manager, made it, too.
Fred Levin, Papa Don and Kay Stephenson held court at a table with PNJ publisher Kevin Doyle. Tried to get over there to talk with him, but had my hands filled with other guests.

A lot of talk about the Community Maritime Park and this blog. The park will pass 65-35. The black community is strongly in favor of it. Many are tired of a vocal, selfish minority holding back Pensacola. It will show in the polls on Sept. 5.

The blog is being talked about everywhere. Many read several times a day. Had the first request to advertise on the blog.

Not just this one is being talked about, but also our dating/relationship one (Bitch’IN -look under the links section). It’s become addictive for some, too.

Expect to see Larry Johnson run for office in two years – He said the timing just wasn’t right to run against Marty Donovan this year.

Talk about Burn Lounge a new music download service that’s poised to replace iTunes as the #1 download service. More later on this.

Who will be Crist’s running mate? I still believe it will be Allan Bense from Panama City. But some made a strong agrument for someone from South Florida – “You have to Miami-Dade, Broward and Hillsborough countie to win.”

Also talk about the $31 million jump in property tax revenues for Escambia County and how the commissioners aren’t even talking about rolling back the millage rate. This will be an issue soon!