From IN Editor Duwayne Escobedo:

lensThe numbers are in from the Escambia County Supervisor of Elections office. What does the analysis tell us for the under-40 age group?

Within the Pensacola city limits 1 of about every 5 voters was under 40-years-old. A total of 3,416 in the age group made it to the polls during the crucial primary that included the Community Maritime Park referendum out of the 17,500 city residents who voted overall. The turnout for the under-40 crowd was 26 percent. Total voter turnout for the city was 46.6 percent.

In Escambia County, 9,842 of 40-year-olds and younger cast ballots. Turnout for the age group was 13.9 percent and they made up 17.7 percent of the total votes (55,762) in the Sept. 5 primary. Overall voter turnout for Escambia County was 29.8 percent.

This is a good start and better than past turnouts. Look for young voters to make an even bigger impact at the polls in coming elections.


party I have voted, have you?  This is our time to make a difference in the community by voting yes for the Maritime Park.  Your task today is to vote and let your voice be heard!  Please pass this email on to everyone you know and task them to vote!  Pass it on…make and be the difference!!!  


John Hosman

PYP love quality of place

August 22, 2006

pyp 1From Michelle Rushing – Pensacola Young Professionals secretary:

Young professionals first consider “place” before choosing a job according to CEOs for Cities report.

CEOs for Cities, an organization who has researched the “creative class,” sites that the 25-34 year old college educated demographic will have a huge impact on cities’ economic development and prosperity.

In its report titled The Young and Restless in a Knowledge Economy, CEOs for Cities reports “because they are well-educated, adaptable, mobile and relatively inexpensive, they represent a critical resource for companies looking to expand. They are part of the so-called creative class that is up for grabs.”

Two-thirds of highly mobile 25- to 34-year-olds with college degrees say that they will decide where they live first, then look for a job, according to a new survey commissioned by CEOs for Cities.

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August 1, 2006

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PYP – Who are they?

July 31, 2006

pyp 1People are wondering who makes up the Pensacola Young Professionals. Here is an email from one who’s considering running for office in four years. To protected her identity, I’ve edited out the personal info.

“I was thinking about running for the District 2 seat because I agree completely with the points you made about previous (and current) candidates not having plans…and therefore not having any way to hold them accountable.

Other issues beyond what you mentioned for debate could be the following:

  • illegal aliens in the construction industry (means lower wages for legal citizens),
  • an overhaul of the Sheriff’s Department,
  • a west-side mall,
  • growth management to ensure environmental and economic sustainability.

My husband has agreed to me planning a run in 4 years; we have a 18 month old son who will be in kindergarten by then. This time frame will also give me more experience working in government; right now I’ve only worked for Santa Rosa (yes I live in Escambia) since April and have been in an entry-level position. Once I get my Master’s in December I will qualify for promotion.

I will need all the support I can find, so I appreciate your enthusiasm.”

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    3. Stop Our City Video
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    secretThey’ve already signed up: ECUA, SRIA and Save Our City.

    Check out their website – be sure to check Ideas, Strategies, Solutions, etc:

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