beach closedThe new editorial board of the PNJ has come out swinging. First, they ask the city council to delay any referendum on the expansion on the DIB. Today, they’re for Abolishing Island Authority.

I’ve always been in favor of smaller government, but I fear the backroom deals that will be made by making the beach administration a county department. Decisions that have been made at public SRIA board meetings could be shifted to decisions by dept. heads or the county administrator without any pubic input.

The County already “manages” Perdido Key. Is Perdido Key better off than Pensacola Beach?

Also, shouldn’t this decision be held off until Grover Robinson (in whose district the Beach lies) is on the board? He clearly has a bigger mandate from the voters than Whitehead, White or the two lame ducks – Dickson and Banjanin.

I do agree that general public often gets the shaft on SRIA votes and policies – Remember how long it took to get more lifeguards and we still don’t have a beach parking garage. However, there are no signs this county commission will be any more concerned for the public and won’t become just a rubber stamp for developers.

If the commission proceeds with abolishing the SRIA, then it needs to have a beach advisory committee that reviews in public hearings the policies and dept decisions for Pensacola Beach and makes recommendations to the commission. The Commission may ignore them, but at least the public will have input.


Hot, Hot, Hot – 8/7/06

August 7, 2006

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beach closedThe Santa Rosa Island Authority no longer posts its broad minutes on its website Santa Rosa Island Authority. The last minutes posted were for their 2/01/06 board meeting that weren’t posted to the site until 3/7/06.