pbIn his new book, State of Emergency, former Presidential candidate and TV political pundit Pat Buchanan charged that Mexicans “prefer to remain outsiders” and “do not wish to assimilate.”

The problem, just like we find with Charlie “It’s my meeting” Fairchild and Marty “Jeff’s a Weasel” Donovan, is that the facts don’t support these claims.

According to poll by the Pew Hispanic Center: 96% of foreign-born and Spanish-speaking Latinos believe it is “very important” to teach English to immigrant children, and they’re doing just that ( PDF). Yes, only 4% of Hispanic immigrants are fluent in English. However, 46% of their children and 78% of the third generation are English dominant.

Assimilation didn’t happen overnight for the Irish, Germans and others who immigrated to this country. It takes generations and that is what is happening in the Hispanic community.