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beerI attended the Emerald Coastkeeper’s BAYOU FAIS DO DO’ Cajun party at Haji Shrine Temple on Saturday Night. Larry B. Johnson helped organize the event. The food was catered by one of the famous downtown eateries in New Orleans – Mothers – red beans & rice, jambalaya, crawfish ettoufee and bread pudding. The only thing missing was the famous Mother’s roast beef po-boys.

EC president and co-founder Mike Papantonio gave an impassioned speech on the importance of environmental activism. He told the audience of 250-300 that there ‘rogue’ corporations in America that  callously harm the environment of a community and won’t change their methods unless a group like Coastkeeper forces them to do so. “They hide behind saying ‘We need to study the issue more’; ‘The science doesn’t exist to fix the problem’;  ‘People will lose jobs’ or “Our scientists don’t agree with your scientists.’ All are delaying tactics to wear out the opposition.”  To learn more about Emerald Coastkeeper, visit Emerald CoastKeepers, Inc.

Some in attendance – Carl Wernicke, Michael O’Donovan, Dr. John Bray, Carol Moore (executive director of EC), Ashton Hayward, Phil Wooley, Judge Marcy Goodman, Bob Tyler,Tony Gentry,Chips Kirschenfeld.
Spoke with Ross Goodman about his campaign for circuit judge against Jim Messer. Armand Grundy-Gomes was there, too – he’s running for Escambia Soil & Water Conservation Board.

Got postive feedback on the IN cover story Left Behind Part 1: Heathcare – although one person let me know the local medical society wasn’t happy with us.

Hot, Hot, Hot – 8/4/06

August 5, 2006

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newspaperSt. Pete Times had an article on Tuesday on FL Atty General Charlie Crist (GOP candidate for Gov.):

State: Crist says he had no part in spoof

It shows how far Crist’s opponents will dig into his personal life. They must have used the same investigators WD used to use when he had an opponent.

If you read all way thru the article, you will read a quote from Pensacola lawyer, Mike Papantonio.