questionYesterday, United Way of Escambia County held a meeting in conjunction with Florida Dept. of Health and Partnership for a Healthy Community – labeled “Escambia Community Collaborative 2006”.

Some of those in attendance: Blaise Adams, Evon Emerson, Dr. John Cavanaugh, Dr. Tom Delano, Kevin Doyle, Flack Logan, Michael Duncan, Honor Bell, Dr. Rick Harper,  Steve Deneke, Rhette Anderson, Dr. John Lanza, Francis Dunham and representatives of Legal  Services, Council of Aging,  Dept. of Children & Families, United Celebral Palsy, DEP, Children Home Services, Catholic Social Services, Catholic Charities, Escambia Coalition on Housing, Lakeview Center, Families First and Better Save Our City.

No elected officials – no Escambia County Commissioners, No one from County Administration, no Pensacola City Councilmen and no one from Stop Our City.

Objectives: Define a vision for a strong, healthy Escambia County; community-wide focus to improve priority issues; develop strategies and target resources to combat problems.

Heated moment: PNJ Publisher Kevin Doyle pushed for the group to list six main issues. One participant chimed in what happens if we do a survey, but public doesn’t want to pay for the solution?

My response: “We lead! We say it’s no longer acceptable to be the poorest or second poorest county in the state of Florida.”

At Chamber Pres. Evon Emerson’s request – the group identified these issues:

Education, Affordable Housing, Poverty, Healthcare, Living Wage, Environment, County-wide Public Transportation.

There are more meetings ahead,but this was a good start.


football Leading candidate: ROGER GOODELL Current position: NFL’s chief operating officer


* Gregg Levy, the NFL’s Washington lawyer, the same position Tagliabue held when he was elected

* Mayo A. Shattuck III, chairman of the board, president and CEO of Constellation Energy

* Fred Nance, attorney involved in the Browns’ return to Cleveland after the original franchise moved to Baltimore

* Robert L. Reynolds, vice chairman and chief operating officer of Fidelity Investments and a former college referee

RO NOTE: Duwayne & I sent in our resumes. Again no response. Apparently people aren’t impressed with Duwayne being a master of disguise. Find copies are our resumes at For Hire To PNJ

Hot, Hot, Hot – 8/1/06

August 1, 2006

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High paying job opens up

August 1, 2006

questionFortune Magazine reports that the NFL’s hired the executive headhunter firm of Korn/Ferry International to find the replacement for NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue. Tagaliabue is retiring after the 2006-07 season.

Why work for $7.50/hour? You may have to move. Hear the commute could be a rough, but you get free game tickets and you don’t have to watch the Saints on TV all the time.

Here’s the phone number for the L.A. corporate office of Korn/Ferry: 310.552.1834. Tell them Rick sent you.