Hot, Hot, Hot – 8/28/06

August 29, 2006

Rick's BlogTop 10 hot items

  1. Stop Our City Blab Show #1 – review
  2. PNJ takes editorial stand in favor of CM
  3. PNJ scares up sells
  4. SOC supporter plays What if game
  5. Deputy breaks 21 yr old’s arm…then arr
  6. Is the U.S. falling apart?
  7. Hurricane questions for SOC Blab TV Show
  8. Marty shows lack of class
  9. BSoc has new yard signs
  10. Why SOC closed the 8/22/06 meeting?

Hot, Hot, Hot – 8/24/06

August 25, 2006

Rick's BlogTop 10 posts of the day

  1. Has Mark O’Brien lost it?
  2. SOC declares war…pro-park signs stolen
  3. SOC shows waterfront plan
  4. Stop Our City kicks DeWeese out of meeti
  5. W.D. Childers – prison mug shot
  6. Who is stealing Grover’s signs?
  7. Park recap…while you were sleeping
  8. It’s late …..and I’ve had too much to
  9. Powerful new ad for Community Maritime P
  10. Tie Deputy breaks 21 yr old’s arm…then arr/ Health of Escambia County is Bleak

March for Justice

August 4, 2006

Boggan coverRobert Boggon Family March

In Honor of Robert Boggon who was killed in Escambia County Jail in Fall of 2005

Date: Saturday August 12, 2006

Time: 12 Noon until 1:15 pm

Starting at: Plaza Ferdinand (on the corner of Government and Palafox)

Marching to Martin Luther King Plaza

For more information contact Mary Epps at 432-7028 or Cynthia Wilson at 453-5833

Read IN Cover story: The Death of Robert Boggon

FolioThe Folio Weekly is a fellow alternative newspaper in Jacksonville. This article from their paper is on the investigation into Lisa Tanner’s arrest and brutal detention in the Flager County Jail.

Who is Lisa Tanner? She’s the daughter of Florida State Attorney (7th District) John Tanner…..oops.