Aragon East in the Raw

September 12, 2006

shockHere are the raw scores on the Aragon East proposals:


Downtown Pensacola Hotel 47
Esplanade 64
Hawkshaw Eastside 85
Technology Bay 78
Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 90


Downtown Pensacola Hotel 49
Esplanade 65
Hawkshaw Eastside 73
Technology Bay 81
Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 90

Downtown Pensacola Hotel 49
Esplanade 59
Hawkshaw Eastside 82
Technology Bay 64
Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 93

Downtown Pensacola Hotel 28
Esplanade 53
Hawkshaw Eastside 70
Technology Bay 58
Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 62


Downtown Pensacola Hotel 45
Esplanade 91
Hawkshaw Eastside 91
Technology Bay 79
Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 80


Downtown Pensacola Hotel 43
Esplanade 59
Hawkshaw Eastside 84
Technology Bay 73
Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 58


Downtown Pensacola Hotel 35
Esplanade 41
Hawkshaw Eastside 94
Technology Bay 41
Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 40


Downtown Pensacola Hotel 27
Esplanade 40
Hawkshaw Eastside 50
Technology Bay 48
Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 81


Downtown Pensacola Hotel 56
Esplanade 57
Hawkshaw Eastside 74
Technology Bay 78
Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 76


Downtown Pensacola Hotel 49
Esplanade 57
Hawkshaw Eastside 86
Technology Bay 63
Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 95


  1. Hawkshaw Eastside 789
  2. Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 765
  3. Technology Bay 663
  4. Esplanade 586
  5. Downtown Pensacola Hotel 428


  1. Hawkshaw Eastside 645
  2. Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 630
  3. Technology Bay 541
  4. Esplanade 455
  5. Downtown Pensacola Hotel 345


  1. Hawkshaw Eastside 83
  2. Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 80.5
  3. Technology Bay 68.5
  4. Esplanade 58
  5. Downtown Pensacola Hotel 46


  1. Hawkshaw Eastside 78.9
  2. Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 76.5
  3. Technology Bay 66.3
  4. Esplanade 58.6
  5. Downtown Pensacola Hotel 42.8


RO NOTE: Councilman John Jerralds really skewed the votes by ranking Hawkshaw Eastside 53 points higher than any other proposal. Nobles was almost just as bad as he ranked Technology Bay at Hawkshaw 31 points higher than Hawkshaw Eastside.

If you take Jerralds and Nobles votes out – Hawkshaw Eastside (645) still beats Technology Bay at Hawkshaw (644) by one vote.

The voting process was set prior to the RFP being awarded. We have to live with it.


Dateline: Jacksonville

August 12, 2006

CMP viewIn Jacksonville for the Florida League Of Cities Annual Convention: Spent the evening on the Riverfront. Walked on a nice walkway along the river from the Hyatt to Jacksonville Landing – shopping, office, restaurant, entertainment area on the river. Local band played in the courtyard. Crowds – very diverse – having a great time. Boats anchored by the restaurants. There were dinner cruises on the river. Ferry boats were giving tour. 

This is what the CMP can be!!!!!! 

PS: Ate at the American Cafe (above the local Hooters). No Sheriff Ron McNesby sightings.

screamingOne more thought before I go to sleep:

Stop Our City wants voters to believe that if the Community Redevelopment Agency is abolished, then their property taxes will be cut by the County.

It won’t happen. Escambia County hasn’t cut its property taxes in over a decade. This year they have $31 MILLION increase in property tax revenue and they still are NOT going to cut the taxes.

If the County won’t do cut your taxes when they have $31 million extra, don’t expect the commissioners to rebate you any of the $2 million if the CRA is abolished. Your downtown property tax dollars will go to protect a beach mouse on Perdido or pave a dirt road outside of Century.