Hot, Hot, Hot – 9/7/06

September 7, 2006

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ABC shuts down 9/11 blog

September 5, 2006

911 ABC had a blog on its website for the upcoming show “Path to 9/11” which is set to air September 10 and 11. “Path” is described as a docudrama and “an objective telling of the events of 9/11.”

Critics have charged that the film was filled with inaccuracies and written by a conservative who twists the facts to blame President Clinton. They so heavily blasted the show on its blog that ABC shut it down on Sunday.

The power of the blog strikes again.

Here is the clip from WSRE debate where Marty Donovan uses IN editor Duwayne Escobedo’s first question as means to attack the paper.

Points to Know: I and this blog have never called SOC – “Hitler-like” or attacked WWII veterans. Read comments on this post to see what was actually written (Marty). We’ve written just two news articles on the park (Field of Dreams;News Story) – not half a dozen. The remaining pieces have been in the opinion section of our paper (Winners & Losers, Outtakes, Rants & Raves). I also did a full profile on Charlie Fairchild (Cover Story)…do you think Marty is jealous?

Lastly, the Independent News was one of the organizers of the debate. The Independent News was not added at the “Eleventh Hour” (WSRE August 24 press release).

Marty is a political writer’s dream. He truly is a modern day Bilbo (Outtakes;Viewpoint). Thanks to Marty – the popularity of the paper and this blog have soared.

Blog wins

August 31, 2006

Bsoc sign

Yesterday proved the power and influence of Rick’s Blog

Late in the afternoon, we posted an email from Kenneth Lamb (Is SOC backing out of WSRE debate?) that told of rumors of Stop Our City’s Charlie Fairchild and Marty Donovan pulling out of the televised debate on the Community Maritime Park referendum set for August 31.

Within 15 minutes, WSRE producer Tony Ferguson responded (WSRE responds …the show will go on without SOC). The program would go on, but without SOC because they objected to being questioned by WEAR Dan Thomas, IN Duwayne Escobedo and PNJ Carlton Proctor. WSRE refused to have the show’s integrity compromised and wouldn’t drop the journalists from the format.

An hour after the WSRE post – Marty Donovan agreed to participate in the televised debate – with reservations. Instead of Fairchild, Donovan will be joined be Tommy White (Stop Our City Blab Show #1 – review) who recently joined SOC and was on their Sunday, August 27 show. Tommy told listeners on the BLAB show that naming the park for Vince Whibbs, Sr. was a “dog and pony” show.

Not too bad for this little blog – the public will get a chance to see an honest, open debate on the park. Both sides will be asked direct questions and the speakers won’t be able to give flip answers without being challenged. This will be a history-making moment.

The Stop Our City objection is a sad commentary on these old white men. They argue about what they say was a lack of citizen input in the CMP process – yet they refuse to go on a television show that they can’t control. They accuse all the media of being against them. Could it be that SOC is wrong?

The facts are against Fairchild, Donovan, Elebash and their posse. And we all know the facts are bias when they don’t agree with the SOC opinions.

Remember the SOC motto: We have little minds so we can only dream little dreams.

GrumpyColonel Moammar al-Ghadafi now has his own blog, too. It’s ranked after “Girls Gone Wild,” but ahead of “Chicken Talk”. (AlGhadafi Blogs)

Power of Blogs

August 25, 2006

blog coverIn July, I wrote about the power of blogs (Blog, Blog, Blog) and told of Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s executive order prohibiting state employees from reading certain blogs – particularly

The owner of that blog, Mark Nickolas,sued (pdf) in July, claiming that the government censored Nickolas and other blogs because they were critical of Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s (R) administration.

We’re not sure if this blog is being blocked on Escambia County computers. We do know that Commissioner Mike Whitehead and Escambia Co. Planet George Touart have banned the Independent News from the old Escambia County courthouse.

If you believe the Independent News should be allowed back in the lobby of the old courthouse, email Commissioner Whitehead ( I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.