laughThe beginning of a movement to take back the City:Better Save Our City (SC).

The early members: Richard Hawkins joins BSOC;BSOC adds second UWF professor….now we’re rolling;BSoc enlists Michael O’Donovan;Democrat Melinda Hilterbrand joins BSoc;Former Dem. Gov. Lawton Chiles aide joins BSoc;Roger MacDonald joins BSoc…we have an old guy, too

We had corporate  & celebrity endorsements: Ronald McDonald Likes BSoc;Einstein proves BSoc is better;David Letterman joins BSoc;Baptists join BSoc

Just like CC Elebash made up the talking points for Stop Our City, we had ours –BSoc Nightly Talking Points – 8/16/06;BSoc Nightly Talking Points – 8/17/06; BSoc Weekend Talking Points – 8/18/06

We had opposition –Theodore Bilbo denounces BSoc

We took positions:BSoc won’t wait;BSoc announces plans.

We released our emails (BSoc releases emails) and worked on a theme song –BSoc Theme Song – You decide and we have our own yard sign BSoc Sign

In the end we had an impact –BSoc is having an impact


BSoc is having an impact

August 30, 2006

Bsoc signThe word we get from inside the Stop Our City camp is that Better Save Our City (BSoc) is having an impact. Our “We can built a BETTER Save Our City” signs are popping up around town (BSoc has new yard signs).

Last night, Marty Donovan apologized one air to Jeff “I’m not a weasel” DeWeese for calling the Park supporter a weasel on their Sunday, August 27 show (Stop Our City Blab Show #1 – review). Charlie Fairchild then apologized to DeWeese for kicking him of the meeting on Tuesday, August 22 (Stop Our City kicks DeWeese out of meeting).

The great thing about these apologies is the only place you read about the Donovan insult and Fairchild closing the SOC meeting was on this blog.

In the same spirit, BSoc wants to apologize to the waitresses at Hooters. We aren’t really sheriff deputies and those weren’t Tasers.

We’ve also canceled our order of Jeff DeWeasel bobble-head dolls. However, we still have yard signs at the office. We plan to bring them to Global Grill tonight for Martini Night and to the Atlas for the Anarchy Party.

Bsoc sign C.C. Elebash, the long retired UWF professor and spiritual guru of Stop Our City (Elebash coaches), has posted a viewpoint on saying we can’t use the success of Montgomery to guide our waterfront park decision.

Now realize Elebash hasn’t been to any event in the Montgomery stadium. He hasn’t interviewed any of the team management. He hasn’t talked to Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright (Baseball works). However, Elebash doesn’t need any real research to form his opinion.

Wouldn’t you have loved to have him as a teacher – just make up your papers after a few Google searches?


Advocates of the Trillium baseball stadium tout the success of the Montgomery baseball stadium. However, Montgomery’s situation is quite different from ours, and success in Montgomery does not foretell success in Pensacola.

The Montgomery Biscuits are a Class AA Southern League team affiliated with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The franchise moved to Montgomery in 2004 after an unsuccessful stay in Orlando. The new stadium was opened in 2005 with a capacity of 7,000. The future of the Biscuits looks good. However, they are only in their third year, and enthusiasm sometimes falls off after five or six years.

In contrast with Montgomery’s team, the Pensacola Pelicans are not affiliated with a major league team. They play on the fringes of professional baseball in an “independent” league. “Independent” team rosters typically consist of players who have been released by or never were signed by major league organizations.

The Montgomery stadium is part of a downtown renaissance located within one mile of the Alabama State Capitol and major historical attractions. Among the historical attractions are Martin Luther King’s church, Confederate White House, Rosa Parks Museum and Hank Williams Museum. Montgomery bills itself as the birth places of the Confederacy and the Civil Rights Movement.

Although the City of Montgomery built the stadium, Montgomery revitalization is backed by the $40 billion dollar Retirement Systems of Alabama (the people who built the Robert Trent Jones golf courses). An expanded civic center, a new conference center and a luxury hotel are under construction within several blocks of the stadium. There already is a first class hotel two blocks from the stadium.

The catalyst for Montgomery’s renaissance is increased promotion of its history – not the baseball stadium. The catalyst for rejuvenation of Downtown Pensacola will be relocation of the Main Street sewer plan, not a baseball stadium.


Don’t you love the positive tone of Elebash’s viewpoint. He grudgingly says the Montgomery team’s future is good, but hints it won’t last – without providing any facts. He expects the reader to accept his prediction of possible failure solely based on him being a retired professor.

What Elebash doesn’t tell the reader is that Montgomery had no baseball team when it approved the stadium. It wasn’t until after the stadium was approved that Tampa Bay agreed to move their Double A team there. The same thing can happen here, once we get past this referendum…and I can cite several examples to back this statement.

Then Elebash cites all the downtown historical places and museums in Montgomery. Unfortunately none of those places helped revitalize downtown Montgomery until after the construction of the ball park began, if at all. Again no proof. Mayor Bright flatly says it all started with the ball park.

The Elebash brings in the $40 billion retirement funds. Where in the hell did he dig up that b.s.? Talk about going off on a wild tangent. Maybe it’s just me – but I think his statements here prove the combination of conference center/UWF classrooms/maritime museum/multi-use stadium is a winning one. And we’re doing it for less than $40 billion.

The facts are: The baseball park is financed from park revenues and 1.5 cent lodging tax. Revenues are ahead of projections. The park is estimated to be paid off in 8 to 10 years.

It’s time we call out Elebash and realize his “research” is filled with holes. No college professor at UWF or any university would give him a passing grade on this paper.


Also notice the “fringe” comments …very similar to Evan Johns “viewpoint” (Did Elebash write Johns’ viewpoint?) that Johns insisted he wrote (Evan Johns responds, ‘I wrote that viewpoint).

Hot, Hot, Hot – 8/28/06

August 29, 2006

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BSoc Sign

August 28, 2006

Only 60 left!

Bsoc sign

BSoc has new yard signs

August 28, 2006

partyIt’s time we get serious about building a better Save Our City. All our supporters need to stand and be counted. We need to proudly show our support for a better Save Our City that holds open public meetings, elects its officers, has a maritime museum and offers free cookies.

We have 100 yard signs at the office of the Independent News – 124 South Palafox Place. The signs say “We can build a BETTER Save Our City.” The cost is $6 each (which is our cost). Come by and get one. They will be collectors’ items.

We do reserve the right to refuse to sell signs to known card-carrying SOC members.

pirate Better Save Our City has finally found a Congressional candidate that it can endorse Jim Hill – “the Only Pirate and Truly Independent Candidiate. Check out his website: Jim Hill – The Pirate.

From Pirate Jim: “What you see is what you get. I am the only drunken Pirate seeking office in this great nation. What a sad testimonial to our political system when a degenerate like me, feels like the most honest candidate on the ballot.”

We love this guy. The only problem is that he’s running in Iowa.

angryThe great thing about Pensacola is that secrets don’t remain secret long.

The word we’ve gotten is that Stop Our City is planning a blitz on the nursing homes. They will try to collect as many elderly absentee ballots as possible. Charlie, Marty and the gang are planning to bull rush this group.

We plan to review every absentee ballot from these nursing homes to insure that someone’s right to vote wasn’t co-opted by SOC zealots. We will ask the people if they truly cast the vote recorded under their name. Unfortunately, we can’t do it until after the election.
Making wild accusations on their website, WCOA and their BLAB TV shows are one thing. Election fraud is quite a different matter.

Be careful.

Hot, Hot, Hot – 8/24/06

August 25, 2006

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partyAt last night’s meeting of Better Save Our City at Golden Correl, Jeff DeWeese (Stop Our City kicks DeWeese out of meeting)was asked to leave after stuffing his pockets with free cookies.

“Who does DeWeese think he is? Tom Banjanin?” asked one BSoc board member. The BSoc later asked DeWeese back after it was discovered that those were Oreos that he had in his pockets before he came to the meeting.

No young professionals, minorities or old people were publicly ridiculed or asked to leave.

There were two known Stop Our City spies at the meeting. With one, BSoc swapped his hearing aid for an iPod and he listened to a download of Air America’s Ring of Fire for two hours. The second spy – BSoc – switched his oxygen tank with laughing gas – he giggled the entire meeting…and talked about freeing Willy.