IN cover creates stir

September 14, 2006

The INMA issue cover (Sept. 14) is creating a controversy. A few distribution sites have asked for it to be picked up. Others want even more copies. The rack outside our office has been restocked twice today. Thank goodness, we didn’t wrap him in a flag.
in cover


12 Responses to “IN cover creates stir”

  1. "Sarah" Says:

    Another great provocative cover design. Is it Justin’s? If so I hope he’s allowed to keep up the excellent work while we have him here – I’m betting some Manhattan ad agency is going to snatch him away.
    Next – I saw this bumper sticker on one of those “Fast and the Frivolous” type cars the other day that said “If It’s Too Loud, You’re Too Old”.
    I wonder if the same thinking applies to the cover naysayers – “If It’s Too Nekked, Too Tattooed, Too Pierced, Too Edgy … You’re Too Old”

  2. Music Mary Says:

    Hubba Hubba! The only find I find objectionable is you didn’t show more of him!

  3. Jammin' Jeremy Says:

    I agree with Mary! The dude on the cover is totally hot and I’d love to see how far down those tatoos go! Maybe a centerfold next time?

  4. Belinda Bee Says:

    Oh Gross! No offense to your model but if he’d take out the hardware and maybe if he hadn’t inked himself up and maybe if he had a healthy color, he might be cute but hot? No way. Gimme normal dudes any day!

  5. Indie Fan Josh Says:

    Sorry, the cover dude is definitely a HOTTIE! That tats and metal make him special, if he lost that he’d just look like some average college dude.

  6. Good Christian Says:

    I find the cover picture of the young homosexual man to be disgusting. I thought he was just a street punk but the above comments make me realize this was an obvious attempt by the paper to shove more homsexual agenda down the throats of Christians.

    Unfortunately, I do realize that my words will probably trigger no useful response in the flabby synapses of the homosexual brain but I just felt obligated to go through the motions. The homos are like water, they are everywhere, they can and will kill you if given a chance and their sick minds take the form of whatever perversion they surround themselves with at any given moment.

  7. Pensacola Pete Says:

    Good golly, Mr. Good Christian, you can tell all of that by looking at a picture? You see the guy’s orientation, you see a vast conspiracy and you see a chance at a cheap shot against gays, all from the picture?

    Jesus must be proud.

    BTW, you are WRONG on all counts.

  8. Brian Bi-Write Says:


  9. Jason Says:

    Today President Bush gave Congress an ultimatum: approve my torture/interrogation bill or we’ll just stop investigating suspected terrorists period. Colin Powell, John McCain, ranking Senate Republicans on various defense and foreign relations committees and a healthy smattering of Four Star Generals are all expressing grave concern with the bills snubbing of the Geneva Convention.
    And this cover is controversial?

  10. Busted Says:

    To “anonymous”

    Hi Raymond. You were kicked before, your rants against Rick did you in once before. We’re onto you, and don’t forget to scream “name callers! name callers!”

    Gays are not perverts.

    Peace out my brother. (kiss on the cheek)

  11. John Mitchell Says:

    Hey anonymous, you said:

    “yES HE IS G!!!”

    First up, there is a caps lock key on your keyboard, ask one of the workers at the home to show ou ho to work it.

    Secondly, the fact you cannot even type the word GAY is really telling.

  12. Pensacola Pete Says:

    Yes, we believe that. Rick Outzen stays up nights censoring references to god. Good night Raymond.

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