As predicted – County Commission wants to dissolve SRIA

September 13, 2006

coffeeOver the summer, we had heard the Escambia County Administrator George Touart was pressuring County Atty. Janet Lander to write a legal opinion that the county commission could abolish the Santa Rosa Island Authority without a vote by the state legislature.  Well they can’t but they will vote on Thursday on whether to ask the legislature to abolish the SRIA (Commission may abolish SRIA).

It’s interesting that Touart and Whitehead are pushing this issue during the lame duck period before Gene Valentino and Grover Robinson IV (who still faces a general election, but is expected to win) take office. Pensacola Beach is in Robinson’s district.

Why abolish SRIA? The buzz is that they want to raise the residential building cap on Pensacola Beach.

What about Buck Lee? The SRIA executive director believes he will be a county department head and no longer have the SRIA holding down his salary or voting on his contract.

There is definitely a consolidation of power happening – first, don’t rollback ad valorem rates and keep $31 million tax windfall; second, creation of finance dept to cut out Ernie Lee Magaha; third abolish SRIA.

What’s next?


3 Responses to “As predicted – County Commission wants to dissolve SRIA”

  1. Jerry C Says:

    Whitehead reminds me of former school board member John Dewitt. Give him a title of chairman and look out! Huge egos, vindictive attitudes, undying thirst for power. Dewitt wanted to be superintendent so bad he could taste it. Since Whitehead seems to have 3 votes to do anything he wants maybe he should fire Touart and hire himself as county administrator.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with getting rid of the SRIA, but now that george and mike windbag want to do it……WE need to reconsider!

  3. BillyBob Says:

    The SRIA is an unnecessary board that has blatant conflicts of interest, usually ones that enrich themselves or their businesses. Abolish it. They’ve totally flubbed beach growth over the years. But let’s also abolish King George and his minion, Prince Mikey. Someone call the governor and have these jokers investigated, please!

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