Escambia County Commission where every vote counts

September 11, 2006

Gene Valentino winning District 2 by 5 votes makes the total of county commissioners who will be elected with 102 votes or less.

In 2004  District 5 Kevin White beat Steve Barry by 102 votes. White was elected with only 26% of the votes.

District 1 Mike Whitehead beat Wilson Robertson by 44 votes. Whitehead had only 34% of the votes.


Also 2004  District 3 Marie Young won by over 1500 votes (52%)
Grover Robertson IV – District 4 – still faces a No- Party and a Write In candidates, but he will be elected with a huge majority. He beat incumbent Tom Banjanin by nearly 2400 votes (62%).


One Response to “Escambia County Commission where every vote counts”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Not that it would change the outcome of any other elections, but I wonder how many other votes would be ‘found’ if a recount was done on the other elections.

    A friend of mine who lives in the county said he received a ballot that was for a district he didn’t reside in. Being the honest person he was, he notified them of the mistake and recieved a new ballot for his district.

    I would assume this is just an isolated incident but it makes you wonder.

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