Mystery of the day: Missing Howard Viewpoint

September 8, 2006

angry  Pensacola City Council candidate and Stop Our City supporter Jerry Howard wrote a viewpoint against the Vince Whibbs Community Maritime Park (Jerry Howard) for the right-wing website

Today, Howard’s viewpoint has disappeared from Other anti-park epistles are still there.

Maybe Walker Texas Ranger can help us investigate.


2 Responses to “Mystery of the day: Missing Howard Viewpoint”

  1. NAP Says:

    Rick, I guess they’ve taken a page from your play book; refuse posts that make too much sense and contradicts your position. You pull rational, newsworthy posts down consistently and leave flakey irrational comments posted prominently as long as it agrees with your position. You’re riding high now but the credibility with your readers will eventually be destroyed similar to what is happening to your protégé’ Luke McCoy.

  2. Rick Outzen Says:

    The only posts I’ve refused have been racist or slanderous in nature. Comments are screened because we have had certain people try to slander individuals so there may be a delay on when some comments are posted. None of your commments, NAP, have been dropped that I can remember. But understand I do have a life and I’m not sitting at my computer waiting for your next brilliant revelation.

    So move on. I welcome debate, but frankly other than attacking me or Mr. Autzen , I’ve seen few “rational or newsworthy” posts from you. Get over your preoccupation with me and let us see what you think.


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