Grover deserves credit

September 8, 2006

applauseGrover Robinson’s victory over Tom Banjanin deserves special attention. There are those who want to label his campaign win as big money winning out, but it was much more than that.

Grover has deep roots in this community. His dad was a true statesman and community leader. His mother was loved by all. He has worked hard to live up to their expectations and their legacies.

He  has worked hard in the community – Junior Achievement, Fiesta of Five Flags, Christ Church, Cordova Park Elementary PTA – both as a leader and as a worker. And over the years he has built solid friendships and earned the respect of all that worked with him.

Yes, Grover raised more money than Tom, but he and his supporters worked their tails off every weekend for months. He walked the neighborhoods and listened to the voters.

His efforts were rewarded on Sept. 5th. Grover won every precinct, except Pensacola Christian College. He beat Tom 2 to 1.

Money didn’t make that happen. It was Grover’s hard work, dedication and support from his friends and neighbors.


One Response to “Grover deserves credit”


    Ditto all of the above, Rick!

    Grover is in the midst of a campaign that is brimming with integrity, dedication and a true concern for the needs of this district. His volunteers are all upstanding individuals who have used their time and resources in giving back to this community many times over. Money? Yes. They’ve given that to Grover, too. But more importantly, they give of themselves for someone they believe in — someone of substance and character who they call a friend.

    And while his battle isn’t over yet, I personally feel that Grover Robinson IV is the ONLY candidate who, when elected, will listen to his heart and stand up for the best interests of his constituents. He’s an honest guy with honest intentions. He’s not out to one-up anybody or become a crusader for a lost cause. Instead he will make the concerns of his district top priority and that is something that we ALL can learn from. He has earned and rightfully deserves my time, my loyalty and my vote. And trust me — the list of elected officials for whom I feel that strongly about is dwindling — and fast.

    I’m for Grover!!!!

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