Does ECUA get the message?

September 8, 2006

ECUA  One government agency that should listen hard to the Sept. 5th primary vote is the Emerald Coast Utility Authority. The voters want change. We hear that FEMA will announce this month whether the funds allocated for repairing the Main St. Plant can be used to relocate it.

ECUA needs to be prepared to consider rate increases to help finance the move and the construction of a new plant near Gulf Power’s Crist plant. Seminole County is doing that. There the county commissioners run the utility and they aren’t asking for cities or the county’s general fund to pay for their $250 million in utility capital projects.

Run the Orlando Sentinel: Seminole water, sewer bills may jump by $20


4 Responses to “Does ECUA get the message?”

  1. Merry Says:

    How much money could (would) ECUA get from disposing of the Main Street property once the move takes place?

  2. "T" Says:

    I imagine that the property value has gone up now there is something worth value across the street.

  3. Pensacola Pete Says:

    My god, it’s all been an ECUA conspriracy! It makes perfect sense.

    I am retiring from the CMP – Trillium controversy. We won.

    Let’s allow the final few naysayers to gather ’round the TV set with their aluminum foil hats and watch as the true facts about everything unfolds:

    no moon landing

    no 9-11

    no holocaust

    no maritime museum

    See ya, I’m going back to making a living.

  4. Jim McClellan Says:

    Right now, we don’t want to give the feds any reason to NOT provide the additional funding necessary, so I expect that ECUA will keep its powder dry until we hear from FEMA. If the answer is no, I predict there will be swift action to secure the additional funding.

    My personal suggestion is to find a way to pass any additional costs off on elected officials from Santa Rosa County who make their living as newspaper publishers. (So far, there seems to be a small, but very vocal, bloc of opposition!)

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