Tribute to Croc Hunter

September 7, 2006 has dozens of videos on Steve Irwin. Here’s one of the best:


5 Responses to “Tribute to Croc Hunter”

  1. Maren Says:

    What an amazing man and a fearless human being. He was larger than life itself for my kids and we will miss his courage and true love of animals…

  2. 246ILU Says:

    Hi Hon…Blogging again!

  3. mikeinmanila Says:

    I found a video of him talking in a studio and saying why he did what he did…
    I only met him once or twice doing work here in Asia. But whatever you saw on TV was what he was. Rare considering his celeb status.

  4. InYourHeadfan Says:

    Did anyone else notice the picture of Steve Irwin holding his child underwater in front of the great white shark? That’s has to be photo shopped, what a terrible image to add to a dedication video.

  5. Maren Says:

    I did notice the shark shot, it is obviously doctered…what a shame

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