Howard has new campaign strategy

September 7, 2006

angry Pensacola City Council Jerry Howard lost a major plank of his platform when the Vince Whibbs Community Maritime Park passed on Sept. 5th. In his viewpoint on (Howard says vote No) that ran before the vote, Howard wrote – “A vast majority of my friends, neighbors and business associates are voting NO because of all the questions raised above.” Fortunately, Howard doesn’t have that many friends or business associates, because the “No” votes failed.

On Luke McCoy’s “White Pensacola Speaks” today – Howard was given a full segment to campaign against the incumbent Mike DeSorbo. Howard went after the increase in property taxes apparently his businesses and investment properties jumped from $5000-$9500 for 2006-07.

The Save Our Home amendment prevents the property value of homes that have homestead exemption status from increasing by more than 3%, but businesses, vacation homes and condos, and rental property can be valued at the fair market rate every year.

Howard was trying to rally people to go to county and city meetings to fight the tax increase and get a bigger rollback. I’m not sure he will get much support from his neighbors who may believe businesses should bear a greater portion of the taxes and that home owners should be given as many breaks as possible. I’m not so sure they care about Mr. Howard having to pay more property taxes on his office and investment property.

“Elect me so I can save money” isn’t the best campaign slogan to garner votes from the retirees in his district. But what do I know? Maybe Howard can get his “vast majority of my friends, neighbors and business associates” to help him cut his taxes.

On the maritime park, Howard couldn’t resist another jab at Quint Studer – attacking the amount of his money Studer spent to get the measure passed – “With that much money, you could sell snow to eskimos.” Then half-heartedly told listeners to get behind the park project.


9 Responses to “Howard has new campaign strategy”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    And just where do you pay your buisness taxes at???

  2. Edwanaland Says:

    What Mr. Howard is really doing, in a backhanded way, is thanking our community for making him a multi-millionaire. It is late and I may be wrong, but the taxable value of his holdings would have to be substantial (milti-millions) to pay close to $10 K in ad valorem taxes. I can’t understand those that blast increased assessed value of property. Here’s a basic economics lesson folks – that means you own a more valuable asset that you can take to the bank to send a kid to college, to finance a new business or retire with. Mr. Howard, you’re welcome!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    SO??? Since a person is is more succesful, because he works harder, should pay more taxes???? Isn’t that one of the reasons alot of our ancestors left Europe???

  4. Shelia Says:

    Taxes are the price that you pay for being lucky enough to be born in this country.

  5. Shelia Says:

    Rick, your brain is going to turn to mush if you don’t stop listening to Luke McCoy. Hopefully you are paying someone to listen to his show and give you a synopsis. 😀

  6. Pensacola Pete Says:

    I heard the segemnt too and I could not believe it. Isn’t this illegal? Doesn’t WCOA at least owe DeSorbo rebuttal time?

    Howard called up McCoy, identifies himself as a candidate, and is allowed a full 20 minutes to campaign without rebuttal, without nary a challenge from McCoy. At the end, McCoy thanks him for his “input” and goes to a commercial.

    An obvious setup.

    And by the way, to listen to Howard bitch and moan about property taxes after he ticked off the millions in property he owns was disgusting.

  7. Chip Chism Says:

    Below is a letter to the PNJ they declined to print regarding Luke McCoy….

    Dear Editor:

    I have had just about enough of that awful Mr. Lamb and his hateful attacks on poor innocent Luke McCoy. You listen to me Mr. High and Mighty Kenneth E. Lamb: Luke does not need to bother with such high falutin’ trivialities as “research” or “basic facts.” He proudly and defiantly states his opinions no matter how flawed or incorrect they are. And by gum he sticks to those opinions even after he is proven wrong again and again. Luke is under no burden to back up the diatribes he spews forth every afternoon. He believes what he says and that is good enough for me!

    I know that even most basic rules of debate require you to study and back up your argument with facts. But by being on WCOA Luke is exempt from the so-called rules of debate. Remember WCOA is the proud local home of Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh. Like Luke these men are also not shackled by the heavy chains of reason and logic.

    So Mr. Lamb you take your reasoned, measured, intellectual discourse on relevant issues somewhere else and leave Luke to his Clinton and Kerry bashing. Leave the poor man alone!

    Chip Chism

  8. An Observer Says:

    Maybe it’s time the FCC took a look at WCOA. Is that stations’s manegment on extended vacation? SOC should have listed all that airtime as an in-kind donation.

  9. Richard Hawkins Says:

    Save Our Homes has created a lot of problems. One of them is static millage rates that would fall if homeowners were affected like Mr. Howard.

    I heard the segment and was surprised to hear him describe this as a city of Pensacola problem. It is a statewide problem.

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