Hall may be in better position

September 7, 2006

EyeSam Hall is running in District 2 against Steve Kolokouris and Paul Young. Hall was a Stop Our City member, too. He was on their BLAB TV shows trying to defeat the park.

District 2 the Park vote was very close. The No’s won by 23 votes. Yes: 1,012 vs. No: 1,035.

However, the voter turnout was only 41%. That is much lower than Dist. 3 (DeSorbo) which had 57% or District 4 (Donovan) which had 59%.

Looks like the issue in District 2 will be getting voters to the polls.


One Response to “Hall may be in better position”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is one of the major and MOST frustrating problems of this area…. Voter turnout!!! WE are the ONLY country that has this privialage. And only 1/2 the people turn out to vote!I was against the park… But I have 100% MORE respect for those who voted for it, than I do for those who didn’t show up!!

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