We have a great future

September 6, 2006






Voters OK Park




Wed, 6 Sep 2006 09:28:44 EDT


Oh, how excited I am today!! I view our area’s opportunities with enthusiastic encouragement, and I am proud of our competitive capability! With the vote taken, I strongly believe that our region, will now be able to see the future in a new light, with a strong “can do” attitude. Yes, the political campaign was difficult, controversial and competitive, but it did, and will, help us to focus! We do have a great future, if we work together, trust in our capabilities, and take advantage of positive opportunities.

I commend Charles Fairchild for offering such a positive approach to the election and the region. As he said, “This will decide the issue,” and “the real winners are the Pensacola residents.” The people have had their opportunity to speak, and they have chosen well. Yes, it is worth saying again…YES, WE DO HAVE A GREAT FUTURE!

Let us now join together, plan, and consider our future…our dreams…for ourselves, our families, and our area. We should, no longer, fear the future, but relish it, embrace it, and work together, making the good things greater, and the bad things better! And, as we do this, let us reach out to each other, give praise to VAdm. Jack Fetterman, Mayor Vince Whibbs, Charles Fairchild, Marty Donovan, Quint Studer, Mort O’Sullivan, and THE CITIZENS! We all had a positive role to play, and we did so with great strength and commitment.

Now, we have taken one step for the future, but we must prepare, plan, and know that we go nowhere without taking more steps! The future is ours, as we prepare for further revitalization, potential NEW JOBS, our history, and our family values. And the “joined effort” to move the Plant!

Thank you Pensacola for seeing our needs and our future!

W. Rhette Anderson


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