Sept. 5 Primary Winners & Losers

September 6, 2006

LOSER: Pensacola Christian College – They threw their support behind Commissioner Tom Banjanin. Many old-timers felt this was Banjanin’s strength and gave him a huge advantage. Grover still crushed him.

WINNER: Soccer Moms – They were Grover’s secret weapon. Mothers with their infants worked the polling places for Grover. They also heavily voted for the Maritime Park and the school 1/2 cent sales tax.

LOSER: WEST SIDE GOOD OLE BOYS- They elected W.D Childers to county commission. Then Bill Dickson – but they couldn’t put Myrtle Grove home boy Edwin Roberts in with a big majority. People on the West Side want change, too.

WINNER: Pensacola Young Professionals– Save Our City considered them pawns of their employers and dismissed their ability to get out the vote. PYP walked the streets, waved at intersections and voted.

LOSER: Tommy White – This former city council candidate went against the leaders in the black community and sided with the SOC. He appeared on their BLAB show and on the WSRE debate. His political gamble failed.

WINNER: Black Community – They once again became relevant in a city-wide vote. They voted and made the park a reality.

LOSER: WCOA Luke McCoy – He proved that he can’t drive an issue in the City of Pensacola. McCoy relentless attacked the CMP plan and gave SOC hours of publicity. Donovan was a regular guest. It helped to motivate the PYP and others to vote “Yes.”

WINNER: Pensacola City Council (except for Donovan) – The State Attorney dismissed the Sunshine Law violations and bribery charges and the park passed with 56% of the vote. They are more united and confident than ever.

WINNER: Pensacola voters – They are smarter than most people think.


7 Responses to “Sept. 5 Primary Winners & Losers”

  1. Joe Says:

    I don’t think anyone should underestimate the influence Luke McCoy had on this issue and has on local politics in general.

    SOC’s support was floundering in the 20-percents for a long time (remember when we wondered if they’d even get enough signatures to force a referendum?), and they really only gained momentum after Luke took a firm stance against the Park. Even with all the respected community leaders who endorsed the Park and all the advertising resources spent promoting it, McCoy’s influence (and not much else) was enough to get a solid 44%.

  2. Bill Braskey Says:

    Don’t overestimate a gasbag and his AM radio show… really.

  3. Rick Outzen Says:

    Luke plays to the angry old white man crowd. The under 40 year olds and the black vote trumped that group….finally.

  4. Radio Man Says:

    To Joe, who claims McCoy actually helped SOC and marched them on to a glorious 44% of the vote, saving them from humiliation: bull feathers, my friend.

    McCoy is cooked. His bosses repeatedly forced him to tone down his hate speech over the summer and took him off the air more than once when he didn’t comply.

    The latest Arbitron books for the market, which were for Spring 2006 showed WCOA slipping badly both during McCoy’s morning show and his hate filled Pensacola Speaks.

    If you think constant abuse of callers, hate towards blacks, mexicans, gays, catholics, democrats, liberals and anyone with a post-6th grade education unites people and brings them together, than brother I have a chunk of swampland I’d like to sell you.

    Rumor at WCOA is that Luke is coming back from his vacation in two weeks, announce his retirement and the station will fill his slot with something less divisive. If you think station management is still behind the old klansman, then why did they permanently shut down his blog?

    WCOA is terrified of WEBY and Mike Bates’ diversified programming and their new 25,000 watt signal, 5 times more powerful than WCOA’s. Some of the now retired WCOA greats who helped unite our community have also strongly objected to McCoy’s ever more disgusting and vile attacks.

  5. Lisa Minshew Says:

    I have been greatly disappointed in Luke McCoy’s use of Pensacola Speaks to promote his own negative opinions concerning important issues for our community. McCoy was nothing more than an understudy for my brother, Russ Minshew, who developed Pensacola Speaks as a great open forum for all viewpoints back in the early 1990’s, before he tragically fell ill to brain cancer. All of Russ’s fans will recall that he had an steadfast rule that the commentator should never express his own opinion. Pensacola Speaks was just that, a place for the community to voice its opinions.
    I hope that now that Pensacola has spoken, on the Maritime Park issue,WCOA will speak and return this program to its greatness, as Russ Minshew would have wanted.

  6. NAP Says:

    Luke is Pensacola’s Rush (not the drug) Limbaugh. IN readers should be proud of Luke. He’s cut from the Autzen extreme right wing mold. Luke departs. Autzen arrives. What’s changed?

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