Park wins big!!!

September 6, 2006

CMP view

The Community Maritime Park was resoundingly passed last night: Yes 10,297 No -8140. The results are unofficial, but the 56% for the park is expected to hold. Save Our City got 3,716 fewer votes than they did in 2003 when the same group under a different name defeated the first Trillium plan.

The CMP won 22 of 29 precincts (see Precinct Details). Two of those were lost by less than 3 votes combined.

As ballots were counted and results called into the CMP election night party, it was clear the Yes vote was going to prevail. The early votes gave the park a 51% lead, and the CMP started to narrowly win the SOC strongholds in Cordova Park, Scenic Heights, East Hill and North Hill. The few precincts that were lost were lost by few votes. It appeared the young vote had been successful in nullifying the SOC over 65 yr. old power base.

Then we got the results for the predominantly black precincts and it was all over for the Save Our City.

Mt. Zion Baptist Yes: 493 No: 258 St. John Divine Yes: 129 No: 68
Mt. Olive Baptist Yes: 271 No: 130 Macedonia Baptist Yes: 606 No: 479

It took a community coming together to defeat Marty Donovan, Charlie Fairchild, CC Elebash and the naysayers. Truth and Justice won out.

Wonder what the anti-park Pensacola city council candidates – Jerry Howard & Sam Hall – are thinking today? They are going to have to listen to the young professionals and the minorities in their districts. The old angry white vote isn’t enough any more.


7 Responses to “Park wins big!!!”

  1. Pensacola Pete Says:

    It’s a great victory for reason, common sense and progressive ideas. It’s great victory for Greater Pensacola which stands to enormously benefit from this development which is just one step, although a huge one, in the growth and prosperity of this area.

    With the leadership of a new generation of forward thinking leaders like John Cavanaugh and Quint Studer, the power vacuum left by Fetterman and Whibbs has been filled.

    To the SOC:
    Please don’t stand in the way any longer. We will hold your leaders to their words that they will no longer contest the will of the people. Let’s make like friends and find common projects and dreams to make our community prosper.

    Thanks to everyone who voted and to everyone who made this dream come true, well done!

  2. Courtney Says:

    If Sam Hall was running primarily because of his belief that the CRA should be dissolved and another RFP should be sought out on the waterfront, what is he going to do now?

  3. Jason Says:

    Hall isn’t done yet. Based on the “No” votes for the CMP, he should have somewhere around 8,000 supporters. Obviously that isn’t based on any scientific counting method so much as it is based on the fact that every time I see a Sam Hall sign I saw a “Vote No” sign right next to it.
    Based on the amount of signs I see for the other candidates, Hall still has a pretty good chance at a win.
    Also, unless something has changed recently, there are 3 people up for that seat. Two of those people, Kolokouris and Young, were pro-Park and pro CRA. It’s easy to see how this could go…If Young and Kolokouris split much of the pro-park, pro-CRA vote and Hall can get the 8,000 strong anti-park, anti-CRA vote…bang, he’s in.

  4. Ray Jay Says:

    So where’s Donno?

    I’ve heard Charles Fairchild several times since last night on radio and TV, he’s being a gracious loser and is bowing out of politics.

    So where’s Donno?

    My source at a local news outlet says he just isn’t answering his phone and has issued no statements.


  5. Marcus Says:

    Yeah, but Young has had his chance on the Council and really pissed off the black community with his racist treatment of the MLK bust issue in the late ninties.

    We need to mobilize the under 50 crowd and the black community to see change in P’cola.

  6. Courtney Says:

    Stephen Kolokouris is probably the best choice for city council District 2 considering Sam Hall’s pessimism towards the park/growth opportunities and Paul Young has had his chance and it sounds like he blew it.

  7. Jason Says:

    Problem is that Kololouris and Young are going to appeal to pretty much the same voters, and neither will appeal to the majority of “No Park” voters. Again, the math doesn’t look good if you have the 3 candidates in the race. Hopefully someone will bow out. Either way, Hall needs to loose. I personally think Kolokouris is a good choice and will probably do what I can to help his campaign.

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