IN Martini Night Buzz – 9/6/06

September 6, 2006

MartiniQuint Studer received tremendous praise tonight for his perseverance on the park issue. Charlie Fairchild also got kudos for being a gracious loser.

The Independent News was congratulated for its willingness to challenge Save Our City and for holding them accountable. The blog remained a hot topic, too. There was much discussion on the Donovan attack during the WSRE debate. People wondered where Marty was and what was he going to do next? Will he follow Fairchild’s lead or still stay on the attack?

One rumor – and I see it as nothing but a rumor – is that Marty will resign from the city council and will form an environmental group to fight the waterfront park.

Another topic was the Gene Valentino- Edwin Roberts recount. Valentino has a one vote lead. People are wondering how will they recount the touch-screen votes that have no paper trail. The recount begins Thursday morning.

Other than the park vote: the two biggest surprises are the Grover Robinson win over incumbent Tom Banjanin in the commission race and Jeff Bergosh winning his brother’s school board seat without a run-off.

All in all, Martini Night had a festive spirit. People for once are excited about the future of this area.


One Response to “IN Martini Night Buzz – 9/6/06”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Hurrah for the wisdom and vision of our Community! I am so proud that Pensacola showed up at the polls to support the Waterfront Park and a vision for our future.(and so sorry I missed Martini night last night)… Anyway, the battle is won, but the war will continue if we ignore the feeling that there is still a cancer in our City. There isn’t much we can do when the cancer has caught hold of good and trusting people, but we do have the power to remove it from our City Government.

    When 9 out of 10 Councilmen went on the record stating that they wanted the people of our Community to know “The Truth” about the Waterfront Park, it makes me think. Does this mean that the 10th Councilman (Marty Donovan) was involved in spreading lies and misinformation? If this is the case, then Marty Donovan should be impeached for his actions.

    I don’t know a lot about politics, but I do know that if you have cancer, you do whatever is in your power to eradicate it. It may be painful and take years to recover, but you do it to save your life. If our community continues to be divided by the influence of those who cannot see past their personal agendas, then we will eventually drown in what has proved to be unworthy rhetoric designed to promote urban paralysis.

    People ask, “Why doesn’t someone run against Marty Donovan?” The reason is because they fear for their personal safety. Just ask his last opponent about his vehicles being vandalized or about the broken bottles found in his front yard. For years, we have suffered from our ignorance. Now, we suffer from the crafty methods of those who would rather see our community stall in a quagmire of processes and studies than move forward with something that is indeed a start in the right direction.

    How do we start the process to rid our City of this cancer? Write or e-mail your Councilman today and demand removal of Marty Donovan. It takes 8 of 10 council votes to remove a member from the Council. This is not a time for politics as usual. It’s time to take a stand for what is right and see it through. No, it’s not a cure-all for all of our City’s ills, but it is a positive action that we, the people, must take to protect ourselves from a future of unsavory public servants and their unethical antics.

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