“Hi, I’m Grover” beats “No Tax Tom”

September 6, 2006

coffeeGrover Robinson, IV, upset career politician and 12-year incumbent Tom Banjanin for the Escambia County Commission: 6,683 – 4,027…by 62.4%. Just a week before, we had heard Banjanin had a 5 point lead, but there was still a large undecided.

Many believed the Community Maritime Park vote and the Robinson vote were closely linked. Both depended on the under 40 year voters. While we don’t know the actual turnout for that group, it appears that it did get out and vote.

Here are the Precinct Details.


2 Responses to ““Hi, I’m Grover” beats “No Tax Tom””

  1. Richard Hawkins Says:

    5 point lead?!

    I spoke to Grover last night. He has some policy ideas and he wants more. The readers will have someone after November who wants to hear from them.

  2. Citizen Kane Says:

    The photo of Tomkat in the PNJ picking up his signs before the votes were counted “to prevent them from being stolen so he could use them in the November election” – Priceless

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