Voting Problem Reported in Duval

September 5, 2006

“Duval County ran out of ballot in 4 precinct and sent people home and now
are asking that they return and vote by
7pm. It was Democrat Ballots, of course.”

– Linda C Hicks Spencer
State Committeewoman of Nassau County (DEM)
Jacksonville is in Duval County.


4 Responses to “Voting Problem Reported in Duval”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How come when you liberals are getting your a$$es kicked, you ALWAYS “accuse” some kind of voter fraud???

  2. WanderingHoo Says:

    Is that you Raymond?

  3. Joe Says:

    Newsflash, Einstein: this is a primary. “Liberals” (i.e. democrats, I presume) aren’t getting their “a$$es kicked” any more than anyone else… except maybe by other liberals.

  4. Jami Says:

    Anonymous bes’ go back out-n them woods whare he come from and put on his a-thinkin’ cap.

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