Email from SOC supporter

September 5, 2006



How ’bout this one for a real tear jerker…

Welcome to Studerville!
We snicker and give WHOPPER promises for your money and your property!

Won’t be a dry eye in the whole county!


P.S. My son who is 31, leaves Escambia County this week for Georgia.
Reason:  He’s fed up with all the local government lying and corruption.


RO Note: This is the mentality that hold us back. Attacks on Studer. No research. Then admits his son is moving away.


8 Responses to “Email from SOC supporter”

  1. Maren Says:

    How about this…
    Your son looks to you for the truth…you don’t investigate the truth and tell him our government is corrupt…he leaves because of what you THINK is True…Own it…you ran him off!!
    Things are what You expect them to be!

  2. Nick Bodkins Says:

    I don’t think such a simple post summing up the mentality of an entire group of people has been posted on the blog in a long while. This pretty much sums it up.

  3. Maren Says:

    Thanks Nick,

    Bill’s post is a simple reminder that we all have to be careful what seeds we plant because they just may grow.

  4. Jim McClellan Says:

    He’s fed up with corruption and lying, so he’s going to . . . Georgia? Well, I’m fed up with pizza. I’ll be at Hungry Howie’s if anybody needs me . . .

  5. Maren Says:

    see you there..I buying

  6. Joe Says:

    Bill Davison is against government “lying and corruption,” but FOR government racism.

  7. Jason Says:

    Too damn bad we can’t get the SOC folks to move to Georgia. I’ll rent the U-Haul.

  8. MichaelO Says:

    I was packing my family up in case the vote didn’t go through.

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