Community Maritime Park – Election Night Celebration

September 5, 2006

CMP view

Apple Annie’s inside Seville Quarter

Tonight  – 7 to 10 p.m.

The band Rumor Mill is playing.


10 Responses to “Community Maritime Park – Election Night Celebration”

  1. Shelia Says:

    If the yes votes win on the park, can we ban Charles Fairchild and SOC memebers from using the park? You know big posters with their pictures with the red circle slash across their face, saying “If you see these individuals, please report it to park security immediately!” :o)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, that sounds like a typical liberal response…… But you didn’t win.

  3. Joe Says:

    “Oh, I was confused, because the scoreboard says something different.” — Philip J Fry

  4. jan Rinks Says:

    Oh, but we did win!

  5. Jami Says:

    Whoa…who made this a “liberal vs. conservative” issue? Did I miss something Anonymous? I thought it was just PROGRESS for Pensacola vs. STAGNATION! This conservative is FOR PROGRESS. GO PARK, GO!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    You sure about that?

  7. Joe Says:

    90 of 90 precincts reporting. 10,109 “for.” 7,965 “against.”

    Yeah, I’m sure about that.

  8. MichaelO Says:

    And this liberal is FOR PROGRESS.

    Let’s hear it for progress in Pensacola.

    Good to see it looks like Grover won his election.

  9. GoSaveAnotherCity Says:

    From the PNJ:

    “If Quint Studer’s money prevails today, it’s all over,” said Marty Donovan, the sole Pensacola City Council member who opposed the park.

    Always a class act, isn’t he?

  10. Melinda Says:

    Ditto MichaelO! Let’s hear it for liberal progress!

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