Who is Tommy White?

September 4, 2006

White Donovan’s companion on the WSRE debate was Tommy White.

White ran for city council 2004 – District 6. In the primary, he placed dead last. Jewel Canada-Wynn:1,277. Charlie Fairchild: 1,002. Tracy Richardson 491. White only got 273 votesthe lowest votes total of anyone running for the city council that year. Jewel soundly beat Fairchild in the runoff.

White chose not to run against Jewel this year.
Let’s get this straight. The pro park side has Rev. Hugh King, Florida Black Chamber president Eugene Franklin,the Gulf Coast African American Chamber of Commerce, WRNE owner Robert Hill, Commissioner Marie Young, Councilman Ron Townsend and Councilwoman Jewel Canada Wynn (who got 4 times the votes that White did).

SOC has Mr. White.

Who will the African-American community listen to more?


4 Responses to “Who is Tommy White?”

  1. Joe Says:

    That reminds me…

    Remember in the debate when Tommy started going off on the “1 vs. 2” RFPs thing like he’d just declared checkmate? If you go the the SOC website right now, you’ll see the claim that the Park will cost the City “at least” $80 million. Yet when questioned about their figures during the debate, Marty & Tommy said that even their inflated projections of the actual cost plus interest only ran from $75-80 million. I’m no math whiz, but I’m pretty sure a difference of 5,000,000 is bigger than a difference of 1.

    Councilwoman Cannada-Wynn is a real great lady. We District Sixers are lucky to have her on our team.

  2. Tim Mulroy Says:

    Saw the SOC lovefest on television tonight (9/4). At 10:45pm, Tommy White announced what he was looking for in a park. He said that “I am looking for some action!” Take that for what it is worth.

  3. Bill Braskey Says:

    Tommy wants private development. He said just that during the WSRE debate. Actually, by judging his answers, he’s not really sure what he wants at all.

  4. Shelia Says:

    HE’S not even sure what he wants. Tommy White wants the same thing Charlie Fairchild wants in this….their fifteen minutes of fame. And by my count that clock ran out long ago for him and SOC.

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