Marty, tell us how you really feel

September 4, 2006

Here is the clip from WSRE debate where Marty Donovan uses IN editor Duwayne Escobedo’s first question as means to attack the paper.

Points to Know: I and this blog have never called SOC – “Hitler-like” or attacked WWII veterans. Read comments on this post to see what was actually written (Marty). We’ve written just two news articles on the park (Field of Dreams;News Story) – not half a dozen. The remaining pieces have been in the opinion section of our paper (Winners & Losers, Outtakes, Rants & Raves). I also did a full profile on Charlie Fairchild (Cover Story)…do you think Marty is jealous?

Lastly, the Independent News was one of the organizers of the debate. The Independent News was not added at the “Eleventh Hour” (WSRE August 24 press release).

Marty is a political writer’s dream. He truly is a modern day Bilbo (Outtakes;Viewpoint). Thanks to Marty – the popularity of the paper and this blog have soared.


3 Responses to “Marty, tell us how you really feel”

  1. Nick Bodkins Says:

    So let me get his response straight…

    because you’ve found the numerous holes in their “facts” … exposed their lies, and written articles about successful multi-use stadiums and other successes across the country, you don’t deserve his time. Way to go Duwayne… sometimes the best response is no response. I love that you didn’t interrupt him. You just let him show his character… or the lack there of.

  2. Citizen Kane Says:

    Good to see that Martin and SOC have seen the error of their ways and abandoned their original fearmongering theme song for a new one. Last Sunday’s episode of their BLAB pesimistic forum closed with the inspirational “We are the Champions” by Queen. Its a little known fact that the late Freddie Mercury said that he hoped this song would one day inspire malcontents intent on sucking the life and energy out of their towns.

    Also of note, in an effort to dispel the popular myth that their membership is comprised mainly of older white males with grey facial hair, the panel was composed of what could have been dozens of people (the cameras couldn’t capture them all in one wide angle shot) representing various ages, ethinicities, and genders. The voting statistics, which record voting by age, gender, and race will tell the real story.

  3. Rick Outzen Says:

    The power of this blog is amazing. We had made Stop Our City modify its website, change its Blab theme song and recruit more people to parade of its show. Let’s say a little prayer for freedom of the press.

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