How did PNJ columnist Mark O’Brien feel about first Trillium plan?

September 4, 2006

shockAmazing what a difference three and half years make. In 2002, O’Brien wrote in favor of the first Trillium plan which didn’t have an RFP or any private investment

The title is “Quit second-guessing and dare to move ahead with Trillium plan.”

PNJ doesn ‘t allow this blog to reprint their articles (PNJ says delete  article). You can either buy the article from them or go the online newspaper database on You’ll need a library card. Enter “Trillium” and “2002” for the timeframe. The column is on the second page.

In the column, O’Brien makes these points:

“The project can be done without raising property taxes, and it’s not hurting private business. The land has been empty for years, unfeasible for commercial development.”

“Then there’s the fear that a new auditorium will take business from the Pensacola Civic Center.So what? We should protect a government institution from competition and innovation? This is the same kind of protectionist reasoning that makes labor unions and Civil Service so obsolete.”

“The city shouldn’t put its own future on hold while the ECUA struggles with the smell, which hits much of downtown but generally avoids the Trillium site, thanks to breezes off the bay.”

I love his close because it’s still applicable today: “Don’t let the critics confuse you. They will leave you with nothing but regrets.”


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