Marty talks of gated communities on WEAR

September 3, 2006

angryWEAR TV’s In Focus program today focused on the Vince Whibbs, Sr., Community Maritime Park. Both Marty Donovan and Quint Studer were interviewed.

Marty played the fear card – We have no guarantees this won’t become another gated community like Port Royal. Wonder how the largest contributor to Save Our City (Bill Smart –Port Royal Cocktail Party Buzz) feels about Donovan attacking his neighborhood? Has Marty asked Smart to open up the Port Royal waterfront and marina to the public? Marty then tried to gloss over the new public park being built at the end of Palafox St where the Bayfront Auditorium was – fortunately the host Dan Thomas didn’t let Marty off the hook on that one.

Then Marty talked about public input. It was Marty’s brother Tim ( Avery Center) and his company – The Avery Center that ran many of the public input sessions. Marty doesn’t want the public to know that. Is Marty saying Tim didn’t know what he was doing?

Marty didn’t do well on the show unless you’re firmly in the Stop Our City camp already.


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