Best of Rick’s Blog: Email saga

September 3, 2006

lensFirst, Stop Our City got the emails of the pro-park side:

SAVE OUR CITY Press Conference


My Analysis of SOC/Email

SOC:Email-Gate Part 2

Then we spent a month trying to get Marty Donovan’s emails:

25 days and counting on Donovan email request

Donno’s Park E-mails

Donovan emails….something’s missing

Donovan emails: Elebash coaches and sets the SOC message

Donovan emails: Panhandle Progressives aint progressive

Donovan emails: Elebash bashes

Donovan emails: O’Brien says what he wants

Donovan emails: Actual emails

Donovan emails: Marty never begged

Donovan emails: No plan

Donovan emails – 44 pages for your review

Donovan emails: Sam Hall delivers Elebash message

Inside the bowels of SOC….be sure to wash your hands

And Better Save Our City released theirs:

BSoc releases emails


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