Top August Posts – 100,392 visitors

September 2, 2006

The DonYou can see how popular the blog has become in the past two weeks by how highly ranked the later posts are. However, the top post was the one on the District 1 – School Board race. They went at each other for weeks.

  1. School Board District 1 race – Bergosh,
  2. Who is Tom Garner?
  3. SOC Nichols hates Studer…has her facts
  4. Todd says Intelligent Design is not abou
  5. Donovan emails: how SOC got signatures
  6. Blog wins
  7. Has Mark O’Brien lost it?
  8. Sorry, Todd – You are a monkey’s uncle
  9. Port Royal Cocktail Party Buzz
  10. Powerful new ad for Community Maritime P
  11. Marty shows lack of class
  12. Latest update on WSRE CMP debate
  13. City attorney answers Sunshine Law alleg
  14. Garner charges City Council broke law
  15. Vote on BSoc issues
  16. PNJ takes editorial stand in favor of CM
  17. More faulty research from Elebash
  18. Stop Our City kicks DeWeese out of meeti
  19. WSRE responds …the show will go on wit
  20. BSoc is having an impact
  21. Open Letter to Tom Banjanin – …from th
  22. Dateline: Five Flags Rotary….Fairchild
  23. Richard Hawkins joins BSOC
  24. Donno’s Park E-mails
  25. I’ve had too much to think tonight – 8

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