Pro park has fantastic day

September 2, 2006

CMP viewThe open “house” and fish fry on the Trillium property today was a tremendous success. Over 1000 people walked the property and cheered on the Vince Whibbs, Sr., Community Maritime Park. The crowd was 50-50 black and white.

Studer was there – so was Commissioner Marie Young, Councilmen JD Smith, PC Wu, Ron Townsend, Jewel Canada-Wynn.

Many of the black ministers came forth to say that they plan to preach from their pulpits on the benefits of the waterfront park.

Yes signs are popping up all over town.

Those waving on the street corners are saying the response is much more positive than two weeks ago.

The tide has turned.

This town is ready for a change and SOC’s “message” is falling on deaf ears.

Oh, there was no odor problem from the Main St. Sewage Plant.


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