Marty’s wife feels SOC is the victim

September 2, 2006

angry Helene Donovan wrote a viewpoint in the PNJ today (Viewpoint: Maritime park proponents fail in uniting community). She blames the Communty Maritime Park group for dividing her family and the entire community. Then she’s upset that Studer put his money behind the Fetterman-Cavanaugh-Whibbs dream to build better Pensacola.

Well, it’s true the community is divided. The Donovan-Whibbs clan is divided. Marty’s brother -Fred – supports the park.The father-in-law of his sister – Vince Whibbs, Sr. – was the chief spokesman of the project up until his death. Marty failed to attend the city council meeting where his fellow councilmen vote unanimously (No show) to name the park after Vince.

Helene, the only way the division could have been avoided is if all your family (Donovans & Whibbs) bowed to the wishes of Marty. You would have had to tell Anna Whibbs not to love her husband, to not accept the council naming the park after him and not to write any viewpoints that disagree with you (Viewpoint).

All other 8 councilmen and the mayor, the Pensacola Chamber, Gulf Coast African American Chamber, all the downtown business owners, the black minister association, the Pensacola Young Professionals, the PNJ and the Independent News would have to say, “Marty, please tell us what you want and we will do it.”

Marty “I hate the IN” Donovan is the one who divided this community.

I called Studer for his comment on the viewpoint: “Rick, I wish somebody would have told me that I have no clothes on. I would have lost weight.”


9 Responses to “Marty’s wife feels SOC is the victim”

  1. Pensacola Pete Says:

    This is right out of the Rush Limbaugh – Karl Rove handbook of Idiocy. Launch vicious personal attacks on your political opponents then attack them again for doing the same to you, even though the other side is innocent. It makes them feel better and less guilty if they can delude themselves into thinking the other side started the mud slinging. For Marty to pimp out his wife like this is vile. It again shows his true character.

    Is there any way to recall a Pensacola Councilman? We should seriously investigate how to rid ourselves of Donno once and for all.

    Sorry, Helene, the people who have turned this entire process into Hate Fest ’06 are not Studer, Fetterman, Whibbs and Cavanaugh. They are Donovan and the creeps at SOC.

    If you want some instruction on how to act like a classy lady, invite Nancy Fetterman to your next tea party.

  2. can't wait till Sept. 6th Says:

    I’ve asked around about the removal of a City Councilman, what I’ve been told is that it takes 8 votes from the Council to remove one of their own.

    Perhaps it’s time to petition our respective Councilmen to remove this blight from our local government.

  3. can't wait till Sept. 6th Says:

    I’ve asked around about the removal of a City Councilman, what I’ve been told (no facts to back this up, mind you) is that it takes 8 votes from the Council to remove one of their own.

    Perhaps it’s time to petition our respective Councilmen to remove this blight from our local government.

  4. Dean Says:

    I would seriously look at having Donovan removed from office.

    I don’t typically buy into “remove them from office” banter as I know people get real passionate about issues. By the way, I am really passionate about the Maritime Park passing and fueling amazing new growth for my hometown (I am a native Pensacolian and still work and live here). However…

    How does a City Councilman join a PAC, publicly support it, become the frontman (at least a major player) and claim to have the interests of his constituents at heart? Come on, we’re not talking about supporting the Opera, or joining Sertoma…he is hurling headlong into a group that opposes City Council recommendations, he doesn’t support his own fellow councilmen when someone attacks with a possible legal action (Tom Garner) and again, becomes a frontman for a PAC!

    Smells like something other than teen spirit, to me.

  5. Jami Says:

    What really interests me about “Martyr” Donovan is that in watching the rebroadcast of the WSRE debate last night on Channel 3, he comes across on-screen as kind of a whining, mellow, sort of fellow. He is condescending toward citizens in a way that attempts to make them believe he is thinking only about the citizens’ best interests at heart. Amazing that he still tows the SOC party line that there was no public input.

    Marty wants the city to do a “study” to find out what the citizens want to do with “their” waterfront land, and as soon as that’s done, he will bless the study and vote for whatever the public wants. I was aware that he was elected to city council, but did someone elect him Supreme Poo-Pah?

    I can remember numerous ads in the papers about public input for the Maritime Park. I have seen the plans from the beginning and recall some things were taken off the plan, some things added and some moved…due to public input at those meetings. The city of Pensacola did not pay for those meetings or ads, CMPA did. CMPA made a good effort to involve as many people as were interested.

    Marty, the city has owned the land for 6 years. Trillium 1 was voted down, rightly so, because a park alone does not generate revenue, and only sucks up money in upkeep. Now we have a great plan, which is the result of more citizen input than any project that I can think of, but that’s not good enough, according to Marty.

    Marty, if you wanted to have a study, why didn’t you commission a study during the time between Trillium 1 and Nov. 2004? There was plenty of time. Not once was anything initiated by Councilman Donovan or his SOC bunch. Why? Maybe there are not big enough thinkers on the SOC team to come up with a big enough idea to jump-start Pensacola’s economy. I am also tired of hearing the “Hurricane Ivan” excuse from Marty for not doing something. Hurricane Ivan should have been the catalyst to DO SOMEHING for the Pensacola economy.

    Mr. Studer, Dr. Cavanaugh, and Admiral Fetterman, may he rest in peace, are thankfully giant thinkers, and understood the need for action in dire times.

    PS. So unfortunate that no one is running in opposition to him this election.

  6. Sam Peterson Says:

    I agree with Jami, Dean and Pete. Let’s get rid of this curse of a councilman once and for all. Surely there is something in either the city charter or state rules for public officials about acting in the best interest of the people.

    Donno has demonstrated his complete contempt for the city council as a whole, which is the embodiment of the city of Pensacola. If someone knows how to organize this thing I’d be happy to throw out the first $500 contribution to get this thing rolling.

  7. MichaelO Says:

    Hmm… I’ve scoured the city ordinances online, and can not find anything pertaining to the removal of a city councilman.

    We really need to find out how to initiate this process.

  8. Interested Observer Says:

    I’d be surprised if you had any type of ordinance that allowed a number of council members to vote and remove another.

    More likely, there would be a recall process that might be limited to the specific district in question, but I have no idea if it is even possible.

  9. TFW Says:

    I think Marty is a pathological liar. He doesn’t even know that he does it. Helene has been married to him so long, she doesn’t know either. I heard him sum it up perfectly on Friday’s Luke McCoy show. He said in his ever so sincere voice, “I’m just telling the truth AS I SEE IT!” To me, that says it all. Not necessarily the truth, just as he sees it.
    By the way, Helene. My family sits just fine with the park plan, sorry yours is divided. You may want to talk to Marty about that little problem. He needs to look in the mirror and admit that he is the problem, not Mr. Studer. The rest of the Donovan family is united for the park, only you and your immediate family are against it. Hmmmmm, makes you think, doesn’t it?

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