Elebash bashes Roger MacDonald

September 2, 2006

no trespassingOn Gulf1: retired UWF professor CC Elebash delivers the party line on the Vince Whibbs, Sr., Community Maritime Park:

“Money Magazine’s 2006 list of “100 best cities” to live shows no correlation between “best cities” and minor

league baseball.

The criteria that Money uses to rank the “best” cities are: affordable housing,leisure activities,cultural options,job growth,crime rate,weather,commuting time and healthcare.

A comparison between the Money Magazine list and minor league teams shows the following:

      One city in the top 25 “best cities” has a minor league baseball team.

      Three in the top 50 have a minor league team.

      Only three in the entire 100 have downtown baseball parks.

A large majority of cities on the Money Magazine “best cities” list are apparently doing very well without
minor league baseball or a downtown bseball stdium. Minor league baseball is strictly a local attraction. It has nothing to do with economic growth and job creation.


RO NOTE: Elebash wants to give you an off-the-wall fact and make you believe it’s important. He doesn’t do any objective analysis. He solely looks for information that fits his position against the park.
He doesn’t mention Montgomery, Charleston, Greenville, SC – all used baseball to revitalize their cities.

How many of those Money Magazine cities had a Save Our City group calling for referendums? How many have a retired professor that has been against nearly every capital project in their cities? How many have a single councilman that works against the majority of his fellow councilmen?

Save Our City does nothing for economic growth and job creation.


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