Wally likes Pelicans at UWF

September 1, 2006

shockToday’s PNJ Letters to the Editor from Stop Our City fans are worth answering.

This one is from Walter Bradner
Mr. Studer’s idea to have a baseball park is OK, it’s just his choice of location that’s significantly flawed.

Pensacola’s metropolitan-area population is not centered at the water’s edge, and nearly all of the city’s future residential development is moving to the north and west, and east into Santa Rosa County.

The Pelicans enjoy reasonable attendance at the University of West Florida now because they can conveniently draw from Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, and the surrounding infrastructure supports high traffic volumes.

If Mr. Studer puts the park 12 miles farther south and forces us to use the constrained access of our city’s circuitous streets, attendance will tank.

So, what’s wrong with keeping the Pels at the University of West Florida? Why would anyone want to spend tens of millions of dollars building another park for 48 home games when the team can continue to play at a nice facility without the investment?

If Mr. Studer is showcasing his good business sense now, then you have to really question his agenda and that of the Community Maritime Park Associates, for which he is the prime mover.”

– Walter L. Bradner Sr., Pensacola

RO Notes: The Vince Whibbs, Sr., Community Maritime Park isn’t about Quint Studer. Yet the naysayers want to make him the issue.

The stadium is more than a baseball park. Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright has told us how they use their stadium year around and it cost $30 million.

As far as infrastructure to get to the park, I’m not sure when was the last Mr. Bradner drove downtown. The Whibbs park will be built on the four-lane Main Street. It has easy access from I-110 and Gulf Breeze.

I wish PNJ readers would do a little research before they write.

Here is the Independent News article on baseball (Field of Dreams)


6 Responses to “Wally likes Pelicans at UWF”

  1. Pensacola inhabitant Says:

    We CAN build a better Waterfront Park. Vote YES!

  2. Tim Mulroy Says:

    What Walter does not understand is that the Pelicans will STILL draw from both Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. Putting the park downtown will also draw from Perdido and Alabama. And 12 miles??? ‘COM ON!

  3. Joe Says:

    Speaking of the waterfront location…

    The Pelicans’ season also coincides neatly with Pensacola Beach’s tourist season. Downtown Pensacola is a heckuva lot closer to Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach that the UWF campus.

    If we could get even a fraction of the visiting beachgoers a reason to come back to the mainland a few nights of their trip, the economic influx to the City would be tremendous.

  4. MichaelO Says:

    Good point Tim. Last I checked, 9 mile road was 9 miles from Garden Street, and unless the laws of physics change south of Garden, it ain’t 3 miles to the water.

    Maybe Wally is thinking the park is going in Gulf Breeze? (9 miles + 3 mile bridge)

    And while we’re on the subject…

    The only venue we have in this town for concerts, sports, etc… is the Civic Center. A venue with some of the worst acoustics known to the human race.

    I may go to more games if the park comes downtown, I may not. I’m not the biggest baseball fan out there. But I will tell you this… I will NOT go to any concert in the Civic Center simply because indoor concerts make me feel claustrophobic. And, even in ‘no smoking’ buildings, concert-goers are generally a smoking bunch, and they’re gonna light up no matter what. Doing that indoors makes it miserable for those of us that prefer not to confine ourselves in smoke houses (let me point out that I am a smoker, but can’t stand smoking indoors).

    Putting an outdoor multi-use stadium anywhere but on the waterfront in this town is a bad idea. One, I don’t want to have to drive up ‘Davis Dieway’ to get to what others are calling the ‘center of Pensacola’ to attend any of the events to take place in this multi-use stadium. And… we all know how hot it is in this town during the Summer months, and having that nice strong southern breeze flowign through the park won’t happen anywhere but the waterfront. And speaking of that southern breeze, what better way to fend off the stench that the naysayers keep bringing up? Also… mosquitoes. Last I checked, I wasn’t getting gnawed on by VW sized skeeters down on the water like I currently do at the Pelicans’ games up at UWF.

  5. Rodney Willimas Says:

    Also what Mr. Walter L. Bradner and so many PNJ readers do not understand this is a much greater issue than just a waterfront park. This park will be an economic boots for our local economy the military dollar will not last forever. Pensacola needs to chart a new economic course to sustain its future. If we do not Pensacola will die a slow economic death and will be squeezed out by cities like Mobile, Panama City and Destin these cities have a plan we don’t. According to the latest disparity studies we are well on our way to self destruction. “Don’t you get it, were fighting for our survival.

  6. MichaelO Says:


    Thanks Rodney, that’s a wonderfully succinct way of putting this.

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