SOC member arrested – edited 3:07pm

September 1, 2006

SOC supporter Joe Brown was arrested yesterday for cursing motorists on an open warrant- after police arrive to investigate a complaint about his erratic behavior- at 17th and Cervantes avenues yesterday at 4:57 pm.

Time to rein in your boys, Marty, or, at least, change the Kool-Aid mix. Guess we can’t always pick who we put on the street corners.


11 Responses to “SOC member arrested – edited 3:07pm”

  1. MichaelO Says:

    lol… anyone know what the offical charge is? I tried to find it in today’s arrest column on PNJ’s website and found no mention of Joe Brown.

  2. an unknown source Says:

    On the Escambia County Jail arrest blotter from yesterday there is a Joseph Brown listed as arrested:

    Case# 200614324 08/31/2006 BROWN, JOSEPH PETER 3050 MAGNOLIA AVE PENSACOLA, FL M W 52 02/11/1954 08-31-06, purged

    Looks like he was popped for something revolving around Child Support/Alimony. My guess is that if there was a complaint and the police arrived, they ran his ID and there was already a warrant issued, so they popped him for that. Just speculation though.

  3. Tom Garner Says:


    As this issue has nothing to do with the State Attorney complaint, I wanted to take a minute and let you know that you’ve been given some misinforamtion on this. I’ve been to the police station and the sheriff’s office, and the arrest of this gentleman had nothing to do with anyone cursing motorists or any issue related to the maritime park proposal. I would have hoped that you, as a journalist, would have checked this stuff out before publishing, rather than just taking someone’s word for it.

    On other thing, you ought to look into why it was that Jeff DeWeese appeared at the site of the arrest shortly after the arrest took place.


    Tom Garner

  4. Tom Garner Says:


    It only seems fair that you correct the main post on this as well.



  5. an unknown source Says:

    Tom, this is a public blog, not a newspaper of record. Hey, I thought you took your toys and went home yesterday?

  6. Rick Outzen Says:

    You are correct. The Police came on the scene because of complaints about his erratic behavior – which included cursing motorists – while campaigning against the park. They checked his ID and found he had an outstanding warrant.

    There is a Joe Brown listed on the SOC Pac financial reports. Is this the same person?

    Thanks, Rick

  7. MichaelO Says:

    That’s a classy individual they got workin’ for them.

  8. Jeff DeWeese Says:


    I was on scene yesterday. I live off Scenic Highway and stopped to see Byron Keesler and Anne Bennett on the way. I had heard that an SOC guy got pinched and stopped to ask who. But I should have known they wouldnt give it up.

    I hope Joe’s story isnt true. Thanks for keepin up with me. I appreciate the concern. Ill be down at the rally at the park tomorrow, Stop by and I promise to give you a great tour. Once you see it I know you will vote YES! Renee is invited also

    Anne Bennett invited me to the SOC party Tuesday to eat some crow. I promise that if SOC prevails Ill stop by to eat a little crow. But im not too worried.

    Guten Nacht



  9. Bill Braskey Says:


    Who honestly cares what you think at this point? You’ve proven yourself for what you are with your lame 11th hour attempt to affect the vote and subsequent lies regarding your motivation for doing so. I suggest you crawl back into your hole or least back to the SOC headquarters to lick your wounds. Last, you should be the last person to float any conspiracy theories taking your checkered background into consideration.

  10. Bill Braskey Says:

    Whoops! I meant Tom. 😉

  11. Bill Braskey Says:

    Whoops! I meant to say, Tom!

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