Marty says you can’t believe the IN

September 1, 2006

newspaperHere are a few of the stories we’ve written – you decide if we’re worthy of your trust:

We predicted Bill Eddins would the new State Attorney: Next State Attorney

We were the first to write about the insurance problems after Ivan: Insurance Disaster

We did a joint investigation of the allegations in Jay Christian Academy: Secrets in the Schoolhouse
which Molley Barrows won an award for her TV reporting.

We had the first inside story on  Air America Radio– They have book hitting the stand this month.

We reported on Taser abuse Gotcha! Crimefighters’ New Toy – which led to changes in PPD policy and firing of Randy Koch.

We predicted the future success of Don Gaetz – Okaloosa Power.

We interviewed SOC founder Charles Fairchild – which said was a fair one – Save Our City!. Maybe Donno is upset it wasn’t him that was the cover story.

We wrote about the anti-McNesby website:

We wrote about this new Internet site – Lost in MySpace

We wrote about  The Death of Robert Boggon

We investigated Healthcare Behind Bars

We looked at the Escort arrests – Inside The Sex Trade

We had a three-part series on poverty: Left Behind Part 1: Healthcare; Left Behind Part 2: Housing; Left Behind Part 3: Education
There are more, but this gives you a taste of the hard news we’ve done over the past two years.

Of course, you can believe what you read in the Independent News. Marty “Bilbo” Donovan just doesn’t like news or opinion pieces that expose his demagoguery. He never complained when he was named a “Winner.”

We have built our reputations on being fearless  – and I think we succeed nearly every week.


One Response to “Marty says you can’t believe the IN”

  1. MichaelO Says:

    Rick… you’re my hero.

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