Jeff Dee-Weasel nails Marty on lie during WCOA

September 1, 2006

laughJeff Deweese – Codename Dee-Weasel (Stop Our City Blab Show #1 – review)- called Marty Donovan out on WCOA today. He point blank asked him was he mistaken on being notifed of the subject before he met with Mort O’Sullivan on the maritime park (Marty lied during WSRE debate).

Jeff quoted me and this blog. Marty then lashed out at me again – saying you can’t believe anything I write or my paper prints.

Jeff persisted – Marty, were you mistaken or did City Manager Tom Bonfield lie? Luke tried to say it was a trick question like do you still beat your wife?

Jeff still persisted. No, it’s a simple question. Did you not remember what happened or do we have a city manager lying about a councilman?

Marty would not answer the question. Luke hung up on Jeff.


3 Responses to “Jeff Dee-Weasel nails Marty on lie during WCOA”

  1. MichaelO Says:


  2. Tim Mulroy Says:

    I was waiting for Luke McCoy to give Martyr a BIG WET kiss on the air. What a joke those two men are.

  3. An Observer Says:

    Jeff Deweese for City Council… Heck… Jeff Deweese for MAYOR!!

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