“Call me” Donovan joins Luke McCoy today

September 1, 2006

angryIt will be the kind of love feast that will make Brokeback Mountain look like a Western.

Please call him 478-3116 – from 4-5:30.

Ask him about how he likes the Independent News.


8 Responses to ““Call me” Donovan joins Luke McCoy today”

  1. Joe Says:

    I probably won’t call in, since I work till 5. Marty’s hours must be more flexible than mine — hey, wasn’t one of S.O.C.’s big beefs that City Council members were promoting a particular point of view on the taxpayer’s dime?

    But someone definitely needs to ask about the “public input process” on the 2-acre lot that got signed over to condos yesterday.

  2. Tim Mulroy Says:

    How does Marty get away with being a city councilman AND part of a political action committee??? I am not a lawyer, is this legal??


    Tim — I asked myself that same question this morning. Something just seems a little fishy about an elected official who dives so deep into a self-served vendetta (which is what it is). I’m certain “someone” will set the record straight for us though, so if we wait long enough, we’re sure to get a hit-and-run…

  4. GQ Styles Says:

    Ask him about the propriety of using the F-word relentlessly (as in every other sentence) in a ranting tirade in the studio in front of females at WSRE after the community program Thursday night.

  5. Pensacola Pete Says:

    Somebody please ask him why he dissed Mayor Whibbs and the Whibbs family by not even showing up at the vote to name the CMP.

    Ask him how it feels to be exposed for the fink that he is. Anybody notice that during last night’s hysterical tirade against Duwayne, Rick and the IN, Donno said he almost didn’t show up. That’s his basic reaction to a tough fight, don’t show up.

    It’s classic bully behavior from a classic bully. Avoid a fair fight at all costs.

    Somebody ask him, too if he will do the right thing and resign after the CMP passes overwhelmingly.

    I would but i have to work, just stealing a minute to write this.

  6. Jami Says:

    I called into the show. It took me 40 minutes of hitting”re-dial” before I got on. Marty and Luke were obviously NOT taking many calls, since they took 4 calls in the first hour of the show. But it was a real “whine fest” between them. I tried to follow up on something another caller had said about the RFP/public input process on the 9th and Romana property. I asked him why he thought that it was so great, when in the end, the land would be in private development forever when sold, and that the CMP would be in the hands of the City forever. I felt like they were pretending to not understand my point. Oh, well.

  7. A Cordova Park Pro-Parker Says:

    By the way, does the city charter allow for recall referendums for council members??

  8. MichaelO Says:

    That’s an interesting question. If that kind of referendum is allowed, I’ll sign in a heartbeat. If not, we need to start working on a candidate for the ’08 election. This city can’t afford another 4 years of this slug’s council, unfortunately we’ve already signed up for another 2.

    It’s a shame he’s unopposed Tuesday.

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