PNJ says delete Tom Garner article…I’m in trouble again

August 31, 2006

screamingTo: Rick Outzen, Publisher Independent News

Mr. Outzen, It is the policy of the Pensacola News Journal to never allow the posting of its copyrighted materials — including articles and photos — on other Web sites.

We must request that you immediately remove any of our articles from the Independent News and subsidiary Web sites. We are making this request because of the publication of a 2002 article by Sheila Ingram: (Who is Tom Garner?)

You are welcome to provide links to the articles on the Pensacola News Journal site, as long as those articles remain on our servers. I would be happy to obtain those links for you.

Unfortunately the Sheila Ingram article is no longer on our servers. Thank you for your understanding and your immediate attention to this matter.

Mike Suchcicki,Online Editor Pensacola News Journal


RO Note: I’ve edited the post with instructions on how to read the article on West Florida Library website.


One Response to “PNJ says delete Tom Garner article…I’m in trouble again”

  1. Merry Says:

    You can still access the article on the PNJ site…that is, if you pay them $2.95.

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