Marty sure is pissed with me

August 31, 2006

marty.jpg Marty “Bilbo” Donovan made it clear during the WSRE debate that he doesn’t like me or the Independent News. Forever the victim – Bilbo was upset the Independent News had never called him on the Vince Whibbs, Sr., Community Maritime Park.

Well, Bilbo,  why should we? We haven’t called any of the council members. We’ve read the public documents. We’ve attended your council meetings. We’ve listen to your rantings on WCOA and your BLAB show. Why should we call you? You ain’t that important.

Bilbo Donovan is a bully. We’ve caught him in his lies (Outtakes) and he doesn’t like it. He is accustom to saying whatever he wants and no one challenging him – not his fellow councilmen, the media or any one.

Tonight he said we called him a Nazi. We never did. A blog commentor did question the SOC choice of music for their BLAB show. Here is the exact post on Aug 21:

“The first and last time I watched the propaganda being dispensed on the SOC show, I was also struck by their choice of theme music. Wagner’s music was a favorite of Adolf Hitler. Much has been written about the influence Wagner’s music had on Hitler and the development of his nazi philosophy. It is an appropriate musical theme to instill fear and malign those you oppose.”

Message to Bilbo Donovan: Bigger and more important men than you have attacked me. I stand behind what I’ve written on the CMP.

In journalism, we earn gold stars for being attacked when we report the truth. You dodged the question from our editor, Duwayne Escobedo, tonight and instead went after me. You helped my reputation and that of this paper more than you realize.

PS Nobody likes a bully.

PSPS If you’re worried about Hitler references, shave the mustache.


2 Responses to “Marty sure is pissed with me”

  1. Pensacola Pete Says:

    Not to worry, Donovan showed what a bully he truly is by attacking the IN, Rick, and Duwayne Escobedo, who handled himself like a professional journalist and gentleman, which he is, of course.

    My only regret about the TV forum was the host allowed herself to be bullied a couple of times, she should have insisted that Donno answer Duwayne’s question. Quint and Mort were unflappable and stuck to the key points.

    SOC and Donno are so going down in flames this time.

  2. Citizen Kane Says:

    Okay let’s set the record straight. Nobody called Marty a nazi. He and SOC seems to have a knack for selective interpretation such as making the one dollar per year lease a rallying cry while ignoring the other lease income the park will generate for the city. As the author of the Wagner comment, I’ll clarify it for the record. Fact: the music SOC chose for its show has been embraced since it was written by certain political movements whose agendas included instilling fear to achieve their goals. That is the point of the comparison. SOC, of which Marty Donovan is a policy maker, has instructed or allowed its field soldiers to lie to uninformed citizens. They have blatantly done this by stating that “your taxes will increase or that the sewage plant won’t be moved if the park passes”. I personally know people that have been told this by SOC representatives. They have also painted the good and honorable people in support of this project as crooks and corrupt politicians. To paraphrase a popular urban colloquialism “Marty, we’re not hatin’ the playa, we’re hatin’ the game”.

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