WSRE responds …the show will go on without SOC

August 30, 2006

shockTo help foster an impartial and informative program, WSRE invited working reporters to ask challenging but impartial, issue-oriented questions.

Up until Monday of this week, two people who oppose the Community Maritime Park project, were going to join the program, Charles Fairchild and Marty Donovan. They have since declined, citing media bias as their reason.

As program producer for WSRE, while disappointed that the Save Our City parties have made this decision, I continue to make efforts to schedule a park opponent for Thursday’s program.

In discussions regarding the program, we never contemplated or even discussed cancelling the program; only ways to still present the best possible information to voters. Kenneth E. Lamb obviously has been given false information.


4 Responses to “WSRE responds …the show will go on without SOC”

  1. GoSaveAnotherCity Says:

    I propose we replace them with a magic 8-Ball.

  2. Marty Donovan has informed me that despite their continued reservations about what they feel is media bias, he has reconsidered, and will represent Save Our City on our program Thursday night at 7 p.m. Mr. Fairchild is headed out of town due to a family emergency, but another park opponent will join Mr. Donovan. As producer for WSRE’s “Connecting the Community,” I am pleased that SOC made the decision to stick with their committment to this important program.

    Tony Ferguson
    WSRE Senior Producer

  3. Joe Says:

    A mystery Park opponent? Ooh, I hope it’s the venerable Professor Elebash. There should be some good questions for him regarding his “$100 million” figure and other conclusions.

    Or maybe that Cobb guy from the S.O.C. emails who had to leave the City Council meeting because his hearing aid wasn’t working and his oxygen tank was running low. That should help them dispel the myth that S.O.C. members are all old coots.

    Luke McCoy would be a good one, too, though he might feel uncomfortable without his usual barrage of giggling interjections from the sound booth. Maybe Cock of the Walk will make it worth his while if he mentions their “mouth-watering, hand-cut steaks… grilled to perfection!”

    Whoever it is, it should be a great show.

  4. Just the Facts Says:


    I needed that chuckle. Thx

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