New Stop Our City mailout

August 30, 2006

angrySurprise, they are upset $16 million is spent on the baseball. They apparently want the public to pay for the museum – not the State of Florida or private donors. They are also upset that some amenities aren’t in the first phase and will be paid by private donors instead of the public funds.

They refuse to accept that the baseball park, conference center and museum are what make the park an economic catalyst ….not park benches.

Remember Montgomery sent $30 million on its baseball park (Baseball works).

NEW SOC motto: Our Little minds could only comprehend little dreams.

SOC PDF:  We can’t imagine


One Response to “New Stop Our City mailout”

  1. Joe Says:

    A more intellectually honest mailer would have said, “We* give them $40,000,000 to build a waterfront park. They give us $30,000,000 – $100,000,000 right back. Oh, and we get to keep all the revenue and all the buildings. And the baseball guy promises to give us millions of dollars more in team profits, even if there aren’t any. And the whole property is still owned by the City, ensuring public waterfront access forever.”

    * “We,” of course, means the CRA district, which is mostly in favor of the Park and is lovingly referred to as “the downtown crowd elitists” by S.O.C. honchos.

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